Saturday, April 27, 2013

And we exchanged rings!!!

Everytime I watch a wonderful movie or read a feel good book, I always wish my life also to be exactly the same. I have a peculiar habit of putting myself as the protagonist of the novel/movie and tend to think how I would have handled such situations if at all the movie/novel comes in real life. I know it is so wierd to do such things, but the solitude in my life has made my brain cells to think about so many such stuff. Did I really like that phase of life? Being all alone and accountable only to me - I think no. It was not my choice of living, it was the only choice I had and I took it with extreme zeal and led it so happily that I dont have a single regret. But if someone ask me if I want to continue living like this - being single, I would definitely say no. And after a year of search by close knit family members, I found that single person who had shown interest to spend his life with me. It all happenend in a jiff of time that I could not believe myself that my third finger on my hand is going to hold the ring engraved with his name life long. Yes I got engaged and officially the fiancee of Mr.Dee. Neither violins played nor bright lights shone around me when I first met him. A casual smile and a gentle hello - that's how I wish to remember that moment of time. The smile was returned with a simple light lip movement and a hi from his end for my hello. For days long, I had imagined that instance of what I would be talking to a stranger. I would not say that it was exactly the same I had wanted because I was never sure(still never sure) what I wanted and what I want in my life. One thing was sure that I got a sense of calmness after the meeting. The belief that there is truly someone who wish to talk to me with the notion of making me as life partner has been proved. Words exchanged and gifts shared and families united to help in drawing the first dot of the lengthy journey. When I look back at the last 30 days of my life, I feel it is going in a bullet train speed. Though it is so fast, the journey is pulled forward by strong hands and strong hearts. All this aside, let me introduce Dee to my blogspace - Mr.Dee is also a software engineer by profession working in Chennai. As far as I know him, a very much soft-spoken south Tamilian with a Malayali flavour in his speech. I think this should be enough for now. Lots and lots of thoughts running in my mind, but nothing is clear as of now to be put into words. Let me relax a while and come back to share the beautiful days of my life a little later.

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