Friday, November 23, 2012

A Star in the Sky

She was the eldest grand daughter to someone who remembers and take pride in her cooking attempt. She was the most pampered kid in house at whose will even the strict and angry men at home have a smile at the corner of the lips. She was the eldest daughter to the luckiest parents who could never understand what she exactly wanted. She was the most lovable niece to 3 aunts who have showered their full motherhood on her. She was the little sister for a guy who shows a strong face in all phase of life. She was the eldest sister to many cousins who don't miss to mention her resemblance at people they come around. She was the closest friend to someone who can do anything for her and who can also do exactly the same thing she did.

She was so curious in everything and liked to listen to stories recited by her aunts. She was so beauty conscious that she kept on combing her hair for long hours standing in front of the mirror. She was a violent fighter with cousin brothers when they don't treat her equally in boys' games. She would climb the big gates just like how they do. She also played the sweet little girl's games like kids cooking and indoor games with her cousin sisters.

The brave cum timid girl who did what she thought was right but never once thought how she would make others cry. She no more makes people dance to her tunes. She can be seen only in the lost photographs and in non-recordable dreams. Though many years passed she stays and will stay forever young in our hearts and memories. Not all days remind her but some moments are just like flashes of lightning which can neither be predicted at what moment they come and what second they leave.

She has taught us how to live and move on in her absence. She taught us never to do the grave mistake by herself doing it. The apple of our eyes is no more in this world but a star in the sky shining ever bright.


  1. I am so sorry to read this , May she rest in peace ..

    my condolences to you and everyone