Saturday, September 15, 2012


On a lazy weekend after a very unhealthy afternoon nap, I switched on tv to see if it could entertain me for the evening. Surprisingly it did but not by making me glued to it, but by showing the trailer of the movie Barfi getting released today. The time was 6.15 pm and I have nothing to do since dance class was cancelled at the last moment. My roommates also left to Dubai Mall, I couldn't join them as well as I had overslept. Checked the movie timings in Lamcy. It was at 7 pm and I had 45 mins to decide if I should watch the movie today. It would take me 3 hours to reach back home, by the time the roads would be deserted and it is not 100% safe for a single women to wander around in Dubai. But the thought of boredom at home is more convincing to take it a shot. The phone line to mom was busy {I am mommy's girl, somehow feel relaxed if I say everything to mom} while checking if the movie is available online to watch. Ofcourse all newly released movies are up in the internet the same day it get released. Within 5 mins, I had decided that I should watch it only in theatres and not in my laptop. Can you imagine, that I even read a small review in wikipedia in all that 5 minutes. Got ready and I was in the road for the taxi at 6.28 pm. I am amazed at my speed with which I get ready for anything. Lucky that the last ticket for the 7 pm show was given to me in the theatre. Sadly it was not a very comfortable place to watch a movie from though I never give a chance to enjoy even that.

The last time when I had watched such a emotional hindi movie in theatre was in hyderabad some 2 years back. The movie was Guzaarish and that post of mine introduced me to someone in life who made a huge difference. One word to describe about the movie - Barfi would be CUTE, just cute. Everything in the movie made me smile or laugh out loud. It was not very emotional as I had thought it would turn to be. Thanks to the movie maker. I really loved lauging out with the whole audience at many scenes in the movie. A deaf and dumb person named Burfi brought so much happiness and smile in my day. About the story and all that - I am sure that it is not that important to jot it down scene by scene. I would just finish this post by telling the best part which I loved.

* The city of Koltatta and Darjeeling. I felt like I had gone to a vacation to both of these places when I left the cinema hall. The beauty of both the cities - be it the narrow gauge in darjeeling or the huge bridge in kolkatta across the Hooghly river was captured so vividly that I have decided that I am going to both these places very soon. I wish my wish is fulfilled soon :)
* The love between Barfi and Jhillmil was perfect in all senses. Everyone just like Shruthi would yearn for such love in life and that includes me.
* Jhillmil comes in her cute little skirt and tops with her sweater most of the time in the movie. Her acting plus her costume was too good to watch and enjoy.
* The Bengali touch in Shruthi's character - her name -Mrs. Sengupta, the red tikka in her forehead, the crisp bengal cotton saree which she wears all that was really nice. It portrays the 70's bengali women neatly and I couldnot hide my admiration to bengali women just how enjoyed Vidya Balan in Kahaani.
* Ranbir's comic acting can sure now make anyone laugh. After all he has made us laugh many times in filmfare award functions. He was so so cute in the movie.

I got to stop this blog being turned to a movie maniac website. Enough for now I suppose. Have a great weekend everyone!!!


  1. This weekend I was in double minds if I should go for Barfi or not...ultimately i decided to reserve my money for Heroine next weekend

    Why do you say Dubai is not safe? I think its much safer than many Indian cities and as good as Mumbai. ofcourse there are bad elements around but then there is also a free supply available for them

  2. @Pesto - I am planning for Heroine too next week. U shuld def watch Barfi!! It is such a cute story..

    I say Dubai not safe - as I have many times come across persons asking me unnecessary questions when I walk around my home after 8 or so. Definitely safer than mumbai but i would not say that its 100% safe.

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