Friday, August 31, 2012

The music never stopped

I lost totally out of touch to write a movie review. Trying this after a long while. Out of the blue, had an interest to watch a different type of movie. Browsed through the net and got the movies sorted on Ratings. Yes I purely depend movies on ratings and only then watch them. Started watching this movie - The music never stopped after reading a rough outline about the movie in IMDB website. Not many would fantasize like me to watch movies about brain tumor and memory lapse. But I can watch such movies with ease not that I am heartless to enjoy them, but I have this irk to know more about those people who have this memory loss. May be I think, sometime back, mom and me had this strange discussion about how do we handle life if we or someone in family forgets the other person and all that. I know this all sounds crap but we do all sorts of discussions when we have nothing to do. Coming to the movie, the year is 1986{coincidentally the year when I was born} and the couple - Mr & Mrs. Henry get a call from the City Hospital saying their son Gabriel has been admitted there. The son who left home years back had returned only to be found as a patient who have been operated for brain tumour and has lost his power to create new long term memories.

A fair guy with beard and so hairy on his face - I knew not why I like such characters even though they kind of look shabby and have a cancer patient look. For many years I think the film industry is not aware that hair loss is definite in tumour treatments. The elderly couple starts taking care of him by moving him from the hospital to the care centre. In this commotion in their life, Henry loses his job which forces his wife to start working so that they can afford a decent living. In the initial days, Henry is very much uninterested to meet his son regularly - he even utters to his wife "what if I dont go for a day? He will anyways not come to know." Having worked as an engineer for 30 years, he could not be idle for long. He starts his quest for his son's treatment and find a Music therapist. The therapist who has been doing research on connection between music and brain is called to treat Gabriel.

Gabriel who was a hard-core fan of music and had a music band for himself earlier responds to the different kind of treatment. He is made to listen different type of music and the albums from 1958 to 1965 had a deep impact and he remembers each and every song. He pulls out from his memory about the first time when he heard the song and co-relate it to his life incidents. Hearing all this his father does not want to continue the treatment, because he thinks that those music has only ruined his life and taken away from them. He wants his son to like the music what he liked and he wants his son to return back to him as how he wished. But slowly he realises that the only way to connect to his son is through his son's music. Everyday they talk about all sorts of music and his son teach him the intricasies of the lyrics. The father-son bond improves a lot and Henry tries hard to make Gabriel normal like any other person to create new and fresh memories. In spite of his health getting worse, he does not give up on a single chance to get his son's life back.

The son whom he had thought to be a revolutionist and lazy and good for nothing has turned out to be a music genius whom he had never understood. Today he feels so happy that he is able to talk to his son through the music once he hated. One evening, he takes his son to a live concert of a famous band which his son loathes. In that concert, many songs known to Gabriel are played and he enjoys each and every minute of it with his father. At the end, a new song not known to him is played and he does not recognise it due to his memory lapse but still enjoys it. The night turns out to be most memorable night for him as he finally get to meet the famous band. Unfortunately few days later Henry passes away and on his funeral, upon his wish the new song is played and Gabriel recognise it and the movie ends with him telling his mom the incident during which he first came to know about the song.

The movie was so simple and narrated in a very delicate manner. It had few touching scenes like the moment when Henry realizes his son's passion with music, the regular lunch which Gabriel look forward so that he can meet Celia(a small character) at the cafe, Gabriel's mom crying about his health and the therapist's belief that she can make a change in Gabriel's life. I liked the positive ending of the movie on how Gabriel could recollect the night with his father. Of course not all movies about cancer should end on a sad note. All together the weekend started with a good felt movie.

Sunday, August 26, 2012


It has been almost a year and more that I have stopped writing to my blog space. Yes writing has taken a new format in my life and I was not really stopping that. But after this 3 week vacation in India and after so much brain-storming, I could not find a reason not to start scribbling again. Though I cannot say that the resilience has finallly finished, I would love that phase of my life to get over soon. This post would be mostly kind of wrap up post for those missed days which I feel must be preserved through my blog.

Countless number of books surrounded me and I was reading in a speed like never before. But the quality of reading remained the same what I used to read. My favourite Crichton and Indian fiction plus one or two Historic fiction was what kept my reading brain active. As far as the thinking side of my grey cells, I should say it went almost to a standstill and I could not still remember those lapse of time in my life. But do I regret for those absent-mindedness? Yes I do - for the first time in life, I regret for that. How did it happen? Or in other ways how did I let it to happen? How true it is that it is always WE become the reason for others to hurt us so easily. At the same time, being rigid and unperturbed by anything - would I have gained anything? I am sure it is a big NO.

Loved the winter in Dubai last year and looking forward to another winter though it is 2 months ahead from now. Till then, I am sure I will survive this hot and scorching sun. I am proud of myself that in midst of so many haywire thoughts and happenings, my passion to dance has not come down an inch. Thanks to my Guru and her endless effort to pull out my strengths and more of my expressions.

Had 2 vacations in the past 1 year which would together become 1 whole month during which I visited Mysore, Ooty, Bangalore as part of sight-seeing trips and the usual relative visits. Got promoted to aunt for the little kid at my sister's home. At the professional front, the usual learnings and the responsibilities kept me busy throughout to which I don't have complaints and my fingers are crossed while I say this. Hoping to contine the same.

I think that would be enough as of now for this. Would come back on a different one on another fresh day.