Friday, July 22, 2011

All Alone

What all things a person generally do alone? The first thing that strikes my mind about doing something alone is bathing. I don't know why this silly thing of bathing came first, but that's true isn't it. Of course we never allow anyone to be with us inside the four white walls of the bathroom, not even a peep through the hole :). Then I thought of sleeping. No matter even if you sleep with hundreds of people around you, once you had closed your eyes, no one except your mind comes with you. This could be because your brain sleeps and does not know who you are with when you sleep. What else most of us do alone? Before proceeding further, by the word - alone - I mean you are not accessible to some living soul near you whom you know. We do lots of things alone without getting into the fact that it is being done all by ourselves. Such instances would be reading a book. I have never seen a book read by more than one person at the same time. Even in Group Study, we do have our own brain understanding the concept all alone in a corner. And as well said in a proverb - too many hands spoil the broth - Cooking done by a single chef is tasty comparitively. Though the benefits of group work has got more value, nevertheless work done singlehandedly gives you more exposure as well as has its own values. We do shopping alone and I find many people around who have come for shopping all by themselves and they seem to enjoy it just like me. Though we do have our confusions in the final selection, but we get time to ourselves to look around without wanting our dear ones to wait outside the trial rooms when they are just not interested in our madness. Travelling alone - I have done this many times from the time when I had to reach home from college. Usually sleep engulfs me or music fills my void or a novel would keep my eyes focussed. A recent pastime of mine is people watching without being noticed that I am watching them. It is a good time pass and it does teach me many things out of which the first would be patience and to enjoy the calmness amidst the rushy life. I have heard from my mom about one of her favourite author{Forgot his name :P Sorry mom} who just keeps on travelling and travelling and he has gained enormous knowledge out of it and great happiness. The point to be noted is that he travels alone. Inspired by him, my mom has many times wanted to just put on a bag and step out of the home and never come back for a year atleast. But the hard and the compelling truth has somehow stopped her as well as me. What is easy for someone we see is not that easy for ourselves. Many have asked me how do u pass time with a novel and sitting all alone in your room. Even I have somethings which I can't do easily all alone, which is EATING.

I can cook food for myself any number of dishes. Even last week I prepared 4 varieties of dish for lunch just for me. When I said this to mom, the first question she asked me was - "To whom have you cooked all this for". Cooking food alone is not a problem. The thought of eating the prepared food alone just kicks my mind out of nowhere. Today for the first time, I had tried preparing Upma. I had missed adding the salt owing to the time missed when Mom had said salt in the recipe procedure. But the hunger overtook the taste buds and finished the upma. Where was I? - Ya eating alone. Staring at open space with a plate filled with food in hand, checking out the wall clock so many times in between the chewings, thinking how fast the food can be gobbled - this is all quite different but not that difficult. The idiot box gives company when I have the presence of mind to switch it on rather than looking at the mirage of myself in the black screen. The same presence of mind to open the book inside the bag and start reading it came a little late while sharing the table with a stranger in the food court of a shopping complex. I was atleast checking out the kids and the families around me to pass time. The poor lady who sat opposite me just could not lift her eyes from her plate and I could feel exactly what she felt at that time. But something stopped me from striking a conversation with her. Also I had at that time almost done with my lunch and left the place wishing that she too have a good lone lunch.

Similar instances of eating alone happen when your lunch partner in office is on leave and then you are left either to join someone out of the ordinary day. I wonder how some persons enjoy having their food alone daily though they do have choices to join someone. I have personally watched one guy in my office who regularly eat alone listening to news in the idiot box. I guess I had to take a lesson from him how to enjoy doing that. I don't have any hard feelings in doing this eating thing without anyone's company, neither do I always need someone around when my stomach growls. But the art of enjoying it - I got to find out the mystery soon, which I will. Happy weekend to all !!


  1. Yup, eating alone is something that I JUST can't do. So at times in office if I know that I will be eating alone, I skip the food. Instead do a take away from a fast food place and then eat while driving or earlier while travelling in an auto!

  2. he he he seeing the word bath, brought memories of hostel life where a huge room with 15+ Taps and All bath in there .. no more privacy there :)

    sometimes being alone is a pain but majority of the time i think now i like , do what I want to :)

    But for some reason I cant do anything Alone yeah i know I am saying opposite of wat i jsut said .. he he he thats me confused soul ..

    Have a great weekend you tooo and enjoyy .. just pray we have SUNSHINE this side for the two days ..


  3. Great work some interesting way of writing... really showed how a human brain works :P well when you are alone writing is the best thing ;) very few do that :P

  4. Great thoughts you got there, believe I may possibly try just some of it throughout my daily life.

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