Thursday, June 9, 2011

3 in one

Its been a long time, that I have written about my books. This time it is quite a complexity to write about each one of it. So here it is 3 in one. All three of them were specimens on their own context. The first one is by Michael crichton where he talks about The Terminal Man. A computer genius getting unusually violent at times is diagnosed to be psychiatrically sick by a team of expert doctors. As a part of treatment, they implant a machine inside the man's brain which according to their 21 rhesus monkeys shoud counter attack the seizures making him violent. The genius becomes a man-machine. With the additional brain implanted in his body, he starts to control his brain. He begins enjoying the counter attack given by the machine involuntarily and voluntarily tries to achieve that pleasure by invoking seizures at regular intervals. He slowly moves towards acting like a psychopath who can kill anyone at his sight when he is being attacked. Does the doctor team help him recovering from this wierd scenario or will they accept their defeat? 250 pages of pure science and pure technology needed my brain to be fully concentrated on the novel and nothing else. A few times, I had closed the book with so much confusion. I appreciate that Crichton enriches with me so much information and particularities related to human physiology and anatomy, but then my brain has a limit especially after a tiring day in office. It was quite challenging for me to get into myself what the author has intended to say. In that way I would say I quite enjoyed the book and would definitely read many of such genres of books.

The second novel was started immediately after Crichton in order to have a light read. It was a short story kinds of some 50 pages. 3 months back I was struggling so much to read a few pages in tamil, but that day I finished that 50 pages in 30 minutes. The novel is about and named Jothi - a twenty something women who is so happy about her life and was so excited about her marriage found dead in her room on the previous night of her marriage. You may be thinking that the novel is about to find whether it is suicide or murder? That is what not said in the story. You may ask what else is about? The author just tells the 2 possibilities about her death and gives reason for 2 possibilities as well. Which one should I take and calms down my thinking? Wrong book at the wrong time was mind boggling and too much after a totally science fiction novel. Was a different experience altogether.

The recent one is Eppothum Pean("Always Women"). I tried so much not to read this book. Stories with sad ending never attract me yet happened to finish the novel in 3 nights. When in bookshop only, Mom and me found out that there will not be any pleasantness in this read. But the author's magic and the title's name was like magnetic power and it pulled me. Thankfully it didnot suck me inside it like a black hole. I was cautious that I should not get disturbed by this novel and I succeeded as well. It is as usual about the women's sufferings and the numerous conditions put upon her life in every stage of her life. I am not sure if the things said in the novel still happens in this century because I found many things irrelavant to my present and in the world around me. I am grateful to people who made my world irrelavant to things happening like this in each and every corner of the world. I have nothing more to say and not much to quote from the novel. One thing alone I wonder about is how come as a man, the author could go this deep inside a women's mind and write exactly what she feels? Not once or twice but everytime every minute what the protagonist thinks is said from the mind of the author though inspite of being a man was 100% right and crystal clear. It is always natural that when a women narrator tells about women, you get more intimate towards the character rather than when the same is said by the opposite sex. But in this novel, Sujatha Rangarajan managed to tell more minute details about the XX chromosome much better than anyone whom I read till date. Thats where the success of the novel lies even after 25 years.

I have finished the En Iniya Iyandira(My lovely Robo) novel as well in the past weeks in office :P. So the title of the blog is quite wrong. Loved the Juno Dog like anyone who have read it. Nothing more is needed if a pet like that is gifted. Got only 2 more books left to read. Will grab some more books this weekend or join the library soon :). My weekend has already started and wish all my readers too a soon and a happy joyful weekend. Wish I have something to tell on Sunday morning to the ever intriguing question - How was the weekend?


  1. hmmm dont know what to say about the books .. you had fun reading them excellent :)

    our weekend is yet to start os that answer has to wait ..

    Have a great day ...


  2. Michael crichton is one of my fav others.
    I haven't read this one though.

    seems interesting read..will check it out

  3. do u read indian books?? have read Ashwin Sanghi or the meluha books? nice to knwo ur opinion of those :)