Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Yet another year goes by in the birthday calendar for me. I am here far away from family yet enjoying the special day of my life just the way how I used to always. Started this habit of wearing saree to office on birthdays from the past 2 years and managed to do it this time as well - Thanks to mom, uncle and Dubai Postal Service :) Usually when I open my notepad and think to write a blog, words keep flowing and I don't stop unless someone in the next desk complains of the repeated key strokes made in the keyboard. But today I feel little different - I don't have anything to say - nothing to complain as well. Is it a good sign that I stopped thinking so much or is it that I am hiding something? :P

One good thing I am and I have started doing from this birthday is I am going to put aside a few bucks from my pocket every month for charity. I should thank my buddy who celebrates his birthday with me for inspiring me to do this. Happy Birthday to you as well young man. Ok chalo I shall tell you all about the birthdays I celebrated all this 25 years of my life. I don't think when I turned one, there was this big hush and party bustle. So my first 3 - 5 birthdays should be like any other days in year. All the 14 years of school life, never had been a year when I went to school celebrating the day. I have many times requested mom that I would celebrate 5 days later which is June 1st so that I need not wear the regular uniform and I can give sweets to all and get a birthday song sung by the whole class. But as you all know, mom is strict and has somehow all times, has deceived me well :) But then being simple is the mantra in our home and I don't have a single regret for it. I was never fond of birthday gifts and parties. So it didnot made any much difference.

There were some years I remember when I used to celebrate at my aunt's place. My aunt had that time owned a bakery and she would order for me a special cake. I would be so excited to check out how my birthday cake is made. I remember standing inside the dark oven place where the baker would be very neatly icing my cake :) Nice to see my own cake baked and getting ready for me na. Once or twice I celebrated in my granny's place where my uncle make sure that I have my best day. Later when in college, the usual bumps session and the surprise thrown by friends in hostel made my day. I remember the super surprise water balloon birthday which my cousin arranged for me 4 years back. With eyes closed, I was taken into a room decorated well and darkly lit. Once I entered, some 4 souls started hitting me with water balloons and i was like screaming and shouting. That was a lovely birthday I had of all times. Thank you Akshaya dear :)) and She gave me on that day a cute cute teddy - my tuffy which I miss so much today.

Stories and histories apart, I am thankful to all who has made my birthdays till today wonderful and will be always be close to my heart. Thank you guys. And one more thing - my gift to the girl who is celebrating her silver jubilee birthday is this.


  1. Happy birthday to you .. may all ur wishes come true ..

    and you presented the girl with a Iphone WOWO.. hey listen mine is 11th nov :) and I dont have a Iphone he he hhe


  2. Wish you Happy Birthday Banu . . .
    May God Bless You for your bright & happy Future . .
    Keep Going

  3. @Bikram ji - thank you :)) Wish you too get a iphone for 11th nov :)
    @Rajesh - Thank you for ur wishes

  4. Congrats girl :) Happy Birthday to you and have a fab year ahead! :)

  5. Hey!

    Happy birthday. And I am slightly jealous of that girl now. iPhone!! And I have celebrated quite a few birthdays away from home. I know the feeling.

  6. @Sakshi - Thank you so much :)))

    @Zeba - Seeing u here in this space for the first time. thanks for dropping by and thank u so much for your wishes..

  7. hey..wish you a very happy birthday.. (belated one)

    I hope you had a great time :)

    Keep Blogging !!