Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Yet another year goes by in the birthday calendar for me. I am here far away from family yet enjoying the special day of my life just the way how I used to always. Started this habit of wearing saree to office on birthdays from the past 2 years and managed to do it this time as well - Thanks to mom, uncle and Dubai Postal Service :) Usually when I open my notepad and think to write a blog, words keep flowing and I don't stop unless someone in the next desk complains of the repeated key strokes made in the keyboard. But today I feel little different - I don't have anything to say - nothing to complain as well. Is it a good sign that I stopped thinking so much or is it that I am hiding something? :P

One good thing I am and I have started doing from this birthday is I am going to put aside a few bucks from my pocket every month for charity. I should thank my buddy who celebrates his birthday with me for inspiring me to do this. Happy Birthday to you as well young man. Ok chalo I shall tell you all about the birthdays I celebrated all this 25 years of my life. I don't think when I turned one, there was this big hush and party bustle. So my first 3 - 5 birthdays should be like any other days in year. All the 14 years of school life, never had been a year when I went to school celebrating the day. I have many times requested mom that I would celebrate 5 days later which is June 1st so that I need not wear the regular uniform and I can give sweets to all and get a birthday song sung by the whole class. But as you all know, mom is strict and has somehow all times, has deceived me well :) But then being simple is the mantra in our home and I don't have a single regret for it. I was never fond of birthday gifts and parties. So it didnot made any much difference.

There were some years I remember when I used to celebrate at my aunt's place. My aunt had that time owned a bakery and she would order for me a special cake. I would be so excited to check out how my birthday cake is made. I remember standing inside the dark oven place where the baker would be very neatly icing my cake :) Nice to see my own cake baked and getting ready for me na. Once or twice I celebrated in my granny's place where my uncle make sure that I have my best day. Later when in college, the usual bumps session and the surprise thrown by friends in hostel made my day. I remember the super surprise water balloon birthday which my cousin arranged for me 4 years back. With eyes closed, I was taken into a room decorated well and darkly lit. Once I entered, some 4 souls started hitting me with water balloons and i was like screaming and shouting. That was a lovely birthday I had of all times. Thank you Akshaya dear :)) and She gave me on that day a cute cute teddy - my tuffy which I miss so much today.

Stories and histories apart, I am thankful to all who has made my birthdays till today wonderful and will be always be close to my heart. Thank you guys. And one more thing - my gift to the girl who is celebrating her silver jubilee birthday is this.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Angel in my life

People who read my blog and who know me personally are well aware how close I am to my mom and the priority I give to her in my life. What other day would be most appropriate than today to express my gratitude to my mom and to let myself reminded how much gifted I am. I am sure everyone have their own kind of bond with their mothers. But very few like me can hold every type of relationship with a single person. Yes - name any relation - friend, girlfriend, boyfriend, sister, kid, companion, shopping mate, guide, teacher, philosopher, enemy, stranger - name anything and I see that in my mom. She is everything to me many a times and I am what I am today because of her. Wish you a very happy happy Mother's day mummy. Not alone on this day, but I would like to wish and thank you all days of all years for being the way you are.

You have always been my inspiration and will remain to be. You had pulled out my maximum strength and let myself know about my own capabilities. The trust of yours alone had taken me to great heights. Your expectations upon me have been the positive vibrant for me always. The never give up attitude of yours in fighting for a beautiful life for your kids - I can never make people understand that fight with my silly words. But I can feel that and I understand that completely. A small thank you would never be enough for all that sacrifice and for all that toil. Let me just make u feel proud today by letting you know how much I owe you and what difference you had brought in me through this blogpost.

I remember the days when I recite my lessons to you from the first page to the last page. If I said something wrong, I wish to recite it again from the first so that I finish it error-free and you used to be so patient enough to listen to it any number of times. I look up to your patience always. And the nights when you used to sit beside me with pin drop silence at home not to disturb my studies and the early morning wake up when I had to attend my extra curricular classes. Never had been a day missed by you to wake me up at the right time - be it when I was a kid, when I was doing my schooling, when I was in college and even today - more than my alarm I trust you. Even after well planning, Akka and I never get to sneak silently out of the room in our childhood. Though your eyes used to be closed and we think you were sleeping, but you are always awake in your brain for us.

It was your continued effort,care and love that made my immune system a little stronger than I was earlier. How much I have troubled you by falling sick every week and you got to carry me every saturday to hospital and the never stopping puking of me. I am really sorry mom - I didnot know what to do that day to keep myself healthy. And how funny I was to keep nagging you every day with my 7 o clock crying and telling you some 100 times a day that its boring. The change today you had brought me - I am healthy enough to take care of myself as well as you :) and It is now you who has turned to tell me that it is boring :)

The way I look today as a matured women - my features and my complexion - I am so proud to resemble you. I feel more than happy, when someone tells me that I am a twin of my mother, though it s not true 100%. I miss those night outs we used to do talking about everything under the sky. Usually the talks start with the family issues then it just moves to the nature of men around us, slowly to next level of feminism. Our topics of talk had touched many a times about communism, socialism, capitalism, globalization, Local, Indian and world politics, History of India, History of world, civilizations, religion, epics, literature, art, books, architecture, debates, reviews, singers, auteurs, artists, writers, singers and of course romance. What have we missed talking about mom?

Over a period of time we both have both acquired similar taste in many aspects - be it listening to Vani jayaram's song, or watching KB's movie some 20th time, or shopping for a beautiful kurta at a minimum price possible or getting tired of people criticizing our way of life or criticizing ourselves and our own actions or gaining enormous energy to roam around doing errands for others in the family or the style of organizing and planning everything we do or striving to be independent and self dependant at any cost or crying and consoling each other thinking about our lives or laughing madly and enjoying small things around us. We have become quite inseparable over the years.

Apart from the books I read, The knowledge I gained from you is countless and you never stop to surprise me by giving me facts and figures about the world. The Wit and the wisdom installed in me by you had redefined the way of my thinking. You are my best as well as my worst critic at times :P. How come you have never felt tired of explaining me the solution to the same problems for which I come to you every now and then. You had always pampering answers to me for everything or atleast you show me the way to find out or at the minimum you be a silent listener to me. And you can never stop your brain thinking about your children. How many times akka and I have asked you to stop living for others even if it was for us and to start living for yourself. You remain the same mom and you can never change and is that nature of you makes you that great?

The vibrant I see you in your eyes whenever I skype call you and the big smile that reach your lips everytime you see and you cuddling me - I wish to get you as my mom every time I get born in this world and get your love the same way I do today. People call me sometimes that I am over pampered but am I mom? I guess no - I have not been taught by you to behave so that you got to reprimand me anytimes. And I shall never give a chance to get upset with me and I will try till my last breath to make you proud enough. I am sure only then I will be cajoled by you like this. :)

And finally It would not be fair enough if I miss to thank my chithi and my periamma who at times have taken the role of my mother and have given me the same care, love and affection. The responsibilities you have taken and the steps volunteered by you both, and being by my side whenever I need support, the motherly touch and the concern for me - I am grateful to you both as well. Neither me nor my mother can repay for what you have done to us. Wish you both a very happy Mother's day. Thanks for being there always for me.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Memories to Cherish - Part 4

Its been quite a while that I recollected my wonderful memories. Today I have this small piece of memory little alive in my grey cells and I am going to make it eternal by giving it a shape. There are lots of games played nowadays by kids amongst which most of them are one or the other way related to the gadgets like playstation, videogames etc. But when I was a kid we never had great knowledge about these gaming consoles and yet we had so many options to pass our time.

The most favourite and the top one which I have played is the cooking game. We hold small sizes of cooking dishes made of handmade clay/wood/steel painted beautifully. The miniature vessels range from a dummy stove, cooking pots, Idly cooker, serving plates, spoons and almost a replica of many things in our Live Kitchen. There is two variety in this game - one is to use the edible products like sugar, salt, dal, rice which are stolen from mother's kitchen without her knowledge. And the other is when the chance of stealing fails, we opt to go for the easily available sand and clay :). Especially when it is more planned and played by experts like my cousins in my maternal granny's home, we used to play with the edible stuff and I remember once we prepared channa dal idly and it tasted so yummy. We also used to make our own clay pots/vessels by mixing right amount of water to the clay, knead it well, then give a proper shape, dry it, then reheat it. Those vessels will be prepared on the first day of summer vacation and they will last for 1 month :). There was a lot of commotion one day in the backyard and all the uncles gathered and scolded us kids like anything since we had used real fire to cook using grass and sticks and there caught a little fire in the bushes and everyone had to run away from the spot. That ended our little adventure with cooking using fire and after that everytime we used to play without fire and water. The imagination alone had driven us to play the game for hours together.

I lived as a part of a big joint family with my grandparents and my uncles till my high school. Our house was quite big and there is a small terrace in the first floor and we had walls left to us to scribble anything to our wish. Every evening back home after school and of course only after our eating/homework sessions{mom is strict} we used to come to this terrace and simulate the school environment at home. The simulation has a variation - we become the teachers and the students of our class are just plain imaginative souls wandering here and there. There are so many walls and each of us have our own green boards{the walls were painted green}. We decorate our board with colour chalks and start teaching. Our parents never say no to this game alone, coz in due course of this game we would have revised our lessons twice :). When there were lots of cousins at home, the younger ones become the students and we tend to get prizes/school trips/gifts from our elder cousins when we excel ourselves in the classroom. My maternal granny's home atmosphere is different. They have painted one wall in their home - black and it is dedicated till today for the teaching game for all the kids to come :) to use as a black board. Next time I visit my granny's home I should take a snap of this corridor, where I had spent hours together. I remember we had our separate note books, homeworks for this home-school sessions. What a wonderful time they were. The images of them are still etched and I am sure it will be in all my cousin's memories. Thank you so much guys for giving me a great childhood.

And the next in the list is the one which I hate to play I got to be a part of it since I will not be left alone by my playmates. It is the wedding game and we kids used to decorate ourselves and recreate the wedding scenario using bedsheets and shawls. I will be the scape goat most of the times and be made the bride and my groom used to be a little younger to me. What a great embarassment that day for both of us to play that game. I remember, we both used to cry and try to run away somewhere whenever this game is played. It brings me a sweet smile today recollecting all of them now. I didnot have great interest in this game, So I had purposefully deleted many memories of it long back from my brain. :p

There are lots other indoor games which I used to play with my aunt,uncles and cousins and to name a few of them - we used to play with a rectangular board(pallanguzhi) with cowry shells, Board games - snake and ladder, 8X8 Ashtapada, Bank, Monopoly. We also used to play so many word games which will enrich our vocabulary and refresh our memory. Antakshari and Dumb Sharats were inevitable in family gatherings and during relaxed weekends.

How could I forget the ever entertaining card games which used to extend for hours together round after round. I have played cards with so many so many relations including my granny who used to be our favourite partner and she used to play it with so much concentration that she ends up winning many times. Today she has become so old, that sometimes she forgets the tricks of the game. The varieties of card games improved with age and till date long distance journeys never get complete without them. On top of it, mom also used to give me company in card games sometimes when I am alone at home. Yes we both play cards - just the 2 of us. But I was never been allowed to be a part of the game when my uncles used to play with real money. Even today if I call my uncles for a game with money, I am sure they will say that I have not grown up to do so. :))). The cheatings done while playing and the fights following it -- Gosh they were just awesome and I would love to go back once to that day and play it again.

Apart from these, at school, just like any other kid - I had also played hide&seek, running and catching, colour catch, koko and other varieties of running and falling over one another in the process of catching. I was never a sports girl and I knew nothing of serious sports and I am just lucky enough not to arrive last in the running race. So my pastime never included any physical work like playing cricket,football etc but mostly the ones which I said above. Also even as a kid, I could never stay in the sun and I have avoided many times playing with my sister who is exactly the opposite of me and love to enjoy the sun's rays on her skin. Rest apart, these memories today took me to those days of unlimited entertainment and pure fun. I am sure each and every one of you would have your own stories like this to share. Don't let those thoughts get fade away - you will definitely have a great time to share them with your kids and grandkids. Let me also know which one favoured your list.