Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A twist again!!

Three months back on the eve of Christmas when I landed on the city of Chennai, I had relaxed so much thinking that my life atleast for the next 1 year is going to be little same and i didnot expect any kind of surprises nor any more expectations from life. Coz I was very sure that expectation will ultimately lead to some or the other slight frustrations. So as usual I was content with what I had got and was happy. There passed one month so well that I got slowly settled down, adjusted to the new office as well as personal atmosphere around me. Then came the knock at my office door giving me an opportunity to travel abroad (UAE), which I had requested some 6 months back in Hyderabad. The excitement and the euphoria in life started again with me packing my bags and leaving the country for the first time.

Preparing to fly across borders happened in a spur of moment. Convincing family and surprising friends were done so fast that I would have definitely missed announcing my departure to many people out there. I hope they don't curse me whom I had missed. I could not recollect now what all I had planned and what all I missed before the travel. The first time travel to International terminal, first time filling up of immigrations forms, the time waited for the visa to get stamped, the midnight flight, the midnight landing on a totally new place, again immigration check, safely cuddling up in an alien land with the relaxation that I landed safely -- gosh the emotions I had gone through - it was just awesome to recollect now after nearly 20 days.

Now I am in this country of Oil in the work front. But I just feel like I am in India - the weather, the resources I get and the comfort with which I commute everyday. There is nothing much a big difference in my life - thanks to the country of comfort. The first thing what my friends had asked about Dubai - How is Dubai? How different is from India? Did you like India? Do you like Dubai more? I tell you all, I love my place - whereever I am. I can make any place comfortable to me. The process of making it comfortable just takes time. May be it took me one month to get peace and settled down in Chennai. Here it took me half a month - that's the difference. The difference and similarities - I shall come up with another post some day, though I don't find much.

I am just convincing myself that any change is better for my monotonous way of life. I met new people, made new friends, getting accustomed to new environment and now wishing for some dormant period and a ever smiling week :).


  1. Wow, so cool! We have talking lately at work about Dubai, and what a fun place it would be to spend some time! You do lead an exciting life :) Enjoy your time there!

  2. Reminds of the time I came to Muscat one year back; very very similar emotions and experience. Now I am one year old and believe me time flies. Welcome to my neighborhood

  3. Awesome girl! :) Kudos to you! Have fun, and when you are returning back, let me know, will order some goodies! :P

  4. @Karthik - Thanks buddy...
    @ Cathy - So I can expect you in Dubai , shall I? thank u dear..
    Yup Pesto - I was reminded of your trip ... you are already 1 year old... gosh that is so fast... Thank you :)

    @Sakshi -- sure baby, will let u know... and of course u r so so welcome...

  5. Wow madam is in Dubai now eh..great. I dont remember getting any mail from you.

    Haha sorry Banu, whenever I hear Dubai, I am reminded of Vadivelu's joke. Anyway hope you are doing well there.

  6. Nice to hear that u r in Dubai:-)