Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Missing my way!!

Today for the second time, I got delayed by an hour to reach my destined place in Dubai.

The first time was on my first day in Dubai in the evening when I had to return back to my hotel from office. First day morning was smooth. I had a few people known to me who had kindly directed me how to get to office. So in the evening too I had waited for that kind friend to help me out. Unfortunately I couldnot find her. Neither I had my mobile number activated nor I could do a call to her from anywhere. I had two options infront of me - wait till the person come back or hop into a taxi. The second option looked less time wasting and little exciting. Hence walked out of the office and then waited for the taxi. None of the taxis stopped. I was wondering if I am waiting at the wrong place for the taxis. So I crossed the street and waited at the opposite side. Still none of them stopped. Later on I came to know that the timing when I had waited for the taxi was closing hours for a particular shift. A kind lady at the bus stop advised me to cross the road and go near the Metro station where I the taxis may stop. Ok, so now I need to find where is the Metro station? It was just infront of my office, but I didnot see that the other day. Hence walked walked unnecessarily taking a round about way for 20 minutes and reached the station. Again the same - none of the taxis stopped. It was already 45 minutes from the time I stepped out of office. I was cursing all my stars and was looking dumb in a new land waiting for some soul to pick me up. The kind soul finally reached. Thanking my stars again, I hopped into it and gave him my address. When I had relaxed a bit in the taxi - the next alarm rang. It seems there is so hotels in the same name. What an ill-luck!! I asked him to drop me at the hotel which he knows. I was sure that the two hotels would be of the same management and the hotel staff would help me in reaching my right hotel. My intuition was right and I reached my room after nearly one and half hour from the office, which usually takes just 10 minutes :).

And today it is the second day. I had missed my office bus owing to my extended sleep hours. Instead of taking a taxi, I took the RTA bus which took me on a day of sight seeing in Dubai. I know the shortest route from my home to my office. I am also aware that the RTA buses take a longer route. But today it was too much. The bus stops at all places in both sides of the road {Note both sides coz they take U turns after U turns to let me know what is there in both sides of the road} in all the areas near my home as well as near my office. This way in the morning - I was sight seeing the Consulate offices in Dubai, the unbuilt flyovers, the unopened Metros and so many new roads to office. At the end the surprise was the bus didnot take the final road to my office. Instead it just bypassed it and stopped 2 km away from it. I had to walk all the way back to office and this all took me 1 complete hour of ride in Dubai on a beautiful drizzling morning. Thankfully my mp3player had power and the long trip didn't make my empty stomach to fall sick after all those u-turns. One first thing which brings me smile even after a delayed morning is the beautiful pink & purple flowers laid all along the footpaths in Dubai. The fresh flowers can cheer you up very well plus the sound of small small birds coming from no where. Nature has its own way of bringing peace to your life, only if you wish the Nature to disturb you. Now I am happier if I dont find my route, rather I wish to explore new routes and new paths and experience new and lively days rather than the monotonous way of life.

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  1. Take my advice. Buy a decent phone, and get Google Maps installed in it. Staying in an absolutely new country, you have no idea how much that's gonna help you. It still helps me in Delhi!