Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Street Harassment

Came across reading about this issue in TBG's blog as well as another link in Facebook. So thought of pouring out my views and my personal experience on this. I wish to find the first person on the world who has given the rights to a guy/who has taken the right himself to harass women on public places. That person has to be crucified. Those who try to misbehave with the fairer sex think themselves as some super heroes and take liberty to enter into the other's personal space. They can't justify their act for any valid reason. Ogling at women in super markets, in parking lots, trying to get their hands upon women in public transport, commenting upon looks while walking on a busy road etc etc - the list could be endless. I am very sure that not even a single women in India is spared from all this.

I remember an incident during my college days when I and my friend were travelling in bus from our college to the main city. We were seated in the front in ladies seat. I was close to the window and my friend close to the aisle. Then there was this guy who tried to misbehave with us. We were quiet for some time to ignore him - no use, then complained to the conductor about him - no use, tried hitting him with our bags - no use, a kind aunty came forward and stood near us after which he could not come close to us. We finally ended up joking within ourselves that even if there is a women doll made to stand in the centre of the bus, they will not stop ogling at it. This happened 4 years back. Why is this still so fresh in my memory?

Another Incident, Once, it was close to 8 in the evening in Hyderabad and it was a holiday and MMTS stations were pretty deserted. I usually get inside the ladies compartment in trains, but since it was late and the train which came didnot have a separate compartment, I got inside the general one. The crowd looked decent except for a drunken fellow who started to show off. The travel was just 15 minutes, but it looked to me as if I am crossing a 15 hour journey and tried to avoid him by moving close to the door. He followed again, but could not cross his limits as I had to alight at my station. Not even a single soul in the train tried to stop him from following me inside the train. I had witnessed this kinds so many times - once a women had removed her sandals and hit a guy so fierce fully since he had misbehaved with her. Another time a friend of mine slapped hard on a person's face which had given a full palm impression on his chin. She ended up having a pain in her hand for
2 days, though.

True, that Counter-attacking persons who violate our privacy is the only way to safe guard ourselves from these road-side romeos. But to how many people shall I go and teach/hit personally? Especially when they are drunken, whatever geetha upadesh, I give him -- its just going to cost me severe. For the fear of these incidents, I stopped using bus transport most of the times. I can carry pepper sprays, compass needles, a umbrella, wear a high heel, appoint a body guard to handle them, but what is the use? Are they going to stop? I feel sick to tell this that some guys in my college{who were engineers with a big NITT tag name} had ogled and passed comments on my MOM in front of me at a college festival. Should those guys be taught what is right/wrong? Or don't have the decency to keep their mouth shut and eyes at the right place?

The issue of harassment is not going to stop unless men are taught the basic sense to respect women and leave her on her own terms. Ignoring them and being un-reactive most of the times had helped me, but not always. If the genetic make of the X chromosome is faulty then I don't know how to deal with it.


  1. I would like to share an experience of mine. It was my bday and i was standing outside the restaurant with my friends. This incident took place just 5 months back. This person passed from the back and every person saw him groping my arse while passing. But no one could do a thing cuz he just ran away.

  2. @ Deepthi, Look at the guts of tht guy who could misbehave with you when you are among friends...Hopeless and pathetic souls they are ..

  3. Nice post that every men n women should read