Friday, February 25, 2011

Can't a women stay ALONE?

How do you stay alone in a home? Don't you feel scared? Are you OK to travel alone? Why are these questions asked to single WOMEN in a big city like Chennai? And especially these questions are asked by close family members and a few friends who know a very little of us and the smirky looks given by neighbours. I can understand that it is a matter of concern they try to give us. But I just wish to tell to everyone out there who ask us this question -- We are OK and we are totally totally FINE by ourselves and we do NOT need any kind of sympathy look upon us. Please stop telling us that there are dangers everywhere when we go out alone. We can take care of those dangers and of course we are genuinely aware of them.

But then why are these questions not asked to a MAN? Is it because he is sexually stronger than WOMEN or has every single Men in this country has learnt some kind of defense art? I just despise those people who do this gender biasing even in this century. I have known lots and lots of women who stay alone and who are just enjoying their life. We too want to do the same in our own ways. So please spare me with these silly questions from now on. I guess people out there are just jealous of our freedom and our independence. They try to inflict a kind of guiltyness inside me for which I am just going to give a damn. Next time, when someone try to ask me "Is your mother staying alone when you are out of city? or Are you staying alone when mom not in city?" --- I can appreciate if it is a concern for us but not if it is going to be non-stop nonsense.

We are grown up people who know the good and bad of the city. We know to guard ourselves from expected dangers. We know the best & safest route to take to home. We of course of aware of which transportation is suitable for us. Even if it is for a life totally, we can stay alone and remain single. It is a decision made by us and made only for us. And we make sure that this decision of ours is not going to disturb anyone's life out there.

So come on people, WAKE up -- Please do not intrude into other's privacy. Don't try to act over-smart when you are not supposed to do anything. Stop giving smirking looks at women who live her own life and on her own rules. Treat her the same as you would treat her when she stays with a son/husband. She is in no way less than anybody else just because she has decided not to depend upon anyone. Leave out supporting them, you can atleast be not discouraging to them. You can all think that just by answering everyone why dont I just move on? No I cannot answer every damn soul I come across, coz those questions make my mood off. The very thought of those ignorant questions give me a pathetic look on them. There are few nice people with me who genuinely care about us when we are staying alone. I hope all becomes as matured and understandable as them.


  1. For this Post you got 2 funny reactions , have u noticed that? if u answer for this then i would like to have discussion with you , regarding this post ..
    thank u

  2. ohh god as usual the comment is going for your approval . i dont know whether my comment will be published or not . this a simple example shows that why women cant stay alone . because women always need a protection . now u also using the same thing . u r protected ur comment box .
    now its clear ... women cant stay alone .. you are the great example

  3. @ Rajesh!! --- Here comes the savior to protect the women in the World... How foolish to think that when comment moderation is enabled you had come to conclusion that women cant stay alone.!!! And just because some passers had pressed Funny in my blog, it does not mean the issue is funny.

    It just clearly tells me that you are jealous just like any other person who be a hurdle to my privacy and my lone world. Your so called comments in my blog is not going to stop believing in myself and in my decisions.

  4. Geez, whoever heard of comment moderation prevalent only with women bloggers and linking it to the lone-woman issue!!! Are there no men bloggers with the same option enabled???

  5. I am not single though i am mostly alone...and i so love my own gets in me an independent vibe...
    i once met one of cousins in a mrkt nearby, she was as usual wid her bf...she started her sarcastic remarks.
    few ppl don't hav a life of their own so they intrude.

    got ur blog thru tbg's fb profile, could connect wid his status...
    and like ur small world here.

  6. @Anonymous -- Yes I know... Some people think way ahead of the issue..Thanks for your comments

    @Duchess -- Such sarcasm happens very often and the intrusion is too much at times which is unbearable. Thanks for dropping by and being so kind.

  7. /// Anonymous said...

    Geez, whoever heard of comment moderation prevalent only with women bloggers and linking it to the lone-woman issue!!! Are there no men bloggers with the same option enabled???


    This is a very intelligent question towards my comments i hope . hates off Mr. Anonymous ..

    i agree, there are some men bloggers do enabled comment moderation but not always , for example for some sensitive post they do enable comment moderation . it doesnt mean that they enable it because of the fear its because of to protect hurting words towards ppl who they mentioned in their particular post . other than that those men blogger who really enabled it because of fear , i am not responsible for their fear .

    but most of the blogger who is ready to face the comment with out moderation i really appreciated them. doesnt matter whether its male or female . all are same in the world .

  8. //// Banupriya said...

    @Anonymous -- Yes I know... Some people think way ahead of the issue..Thanks for your comments

    hi Miss Banu ,
    i have seen ur reply for my comments , for that i would like to give you brief explanation . but due to my busy schedule i couldnt make it . anyway regarding this topic "Can't a women stay ALONE? " - By Banu , i will write a separate post in my blog then let u know soon .

    anyway thanks for your approval for my comments and displayed it
    thanks for ur reply also ..

    take care.

  9. After a long time today only i read ur blog from december posts.....i just remember one of a new SMS,when i read this blog.....
    even osama cant live in pakistan,but an accused like ajmal kasab can live safely n peacefully in INDIA......
    indha kaadhil vaangi andha kaadhil vidu:-)