Saturday, January 1, 2011

Welcome 2011 – My resolutions

As anyone else does, I too want to take some resolutions for this New Year.

  • 1. The first and the foremost resolution for the year would be that I got to get strength and energy and so much endurance to fulfill all the below resolutions.
  • 2. Gymming – My first day of the year saw me cycling for 15 mins, the first thing I did today morning. I wish I do the same every day and stay fit.
  • 3. I would like to read so many books. My target is atleast 50 and to achieve it, the first step is that I had bought two books today in Odyssey.
  • 4. I am planning to learn a new language this year – some foreign language. Give me some tips to choose a language to learn.
  • 5. I got to control my anger a little as I am getting so much frustrated when things go wary and out of order. This way I am sure, I can reduce the tears I shed often.
  • 6. I am going to plan for at least 2 vacations - One plan is under progress now and the other is a small vacation as of today. Apart from this I wish I plan for 2 more vacations to rejuvenate myself from the daily chores of life.
  • 7. In the last year, I had closed the doors to romance in my life twice mercilessly and the coldness in my heart has grown so much that none can enter the four walls that have been built so strongly around me. But this year, I got to definitely break the wall and be a little ease so that romance and love embrace me and last forever.
  • 8. Do less shopping – Got to use the new clothes and things which I have bought till today. If I use them all, I am damn sure I need not shop for anything new this year. I had done enough in 2010.
  • 9. Rather than spending more I would like to give to the dire need and do a bit of social service to my level possible.
  • 10. And of course, like last year and more than last year, the last resolution would be to write many posts in my blogs and note down all the happiness and sadness I experience. Planning to write a different genre of writing – may be I would either write in my mother tongue or try out fiction in my blog.


  1. Happy New Year to begin with. I would suggest Spanish, especially since you are planning on opening up to love. Its a great language to learn. Good luck :)

  2. Happy New Year! May you get the strength to stick to your resolutions!

  3. Happy new year banu! Hope you have an amazing new year!
    and lovely resolutions!
    where have u been lady? havent seen you on my page since ages!!!

  4. @Kali -- Spanish thanks for the reco.. would definitely consider it. :)

    @Sakshi - Thank you so much..

    @Nil - Thank you dear. of late, I have been missing to comment on many blogs. But I do regularly read them. Will try to be visible from now on :)

  5. so how is it going with the resolutionssssss...

    all the best with them , i dont make any cause i can never keep them so y bother :)

    well French is a sweet languages and they say its the language of Love.. but then if you want the other side how about PUNJABI :) nice and forceful language he he ehhe

    All the best once again


  6. Hey Banu,
    Best of luck in keeping up your resolutions! I would recommend Spanish or French to start with da.

    And ahaan..romance eh...ATB..;-)