Monday, January 24, 2011

The changing face of Metros

Does the city, where we reside belongs to us and are we entitled to use the term "My" city? I am not sure about this because though this Metro has been a haven to many people, I somehow don't want to be too connected to this city. And I dont want my identity to be related to this place called as CHENNAI in the map of the world. I had come to this place to make a new home for myself and seek peace for my ever-rambling mind. But all I had faced in the last one month is not peace but more tension to my boiling spirit.

As many of you might know by now that I had got recently transferred to Chennai - the land of tamil speaking population, which is also closer in geographical terms to my relatives. I cannot give myself a solid reason now to tell why did I shift here? Me and Mom had a huge discussion for this transfer taking into account the + and - ve aspects of the decision. You will not believe me if i say that we had put down in paper, a comprehensive comparsion chart between Chennai and Hyderabad before the shift. The 3 points which we feared the most was 1. Climate, 2. Traffic and 3. People.

Although the climate hasn't turned worse till now and we havenot travelled anywhere far to struck up in a heavy traffic, we can never be invisible to people around us, who are ready to provoke us when the chance is grabbed. Say it anyone - neighbours who would like to interfere in our daily way of life, auto drivers who charge heavily and speak so rudely, the internet service provider who speak so well in the beginning but end up giving us a wrong bill, the cable TV operator who fail to submit our papers in time, the mobile operator who end up giving us a totally faltu number and never activates a new connection inspite of repeated requests, the 2 wheeler showroom person who doesn't bother to give us full information which we need and the list could be endless if I have to be 100% pessimist.

I am scared that my attitude might change in midst of these kind of people who haven't got the least attitude towards fellow citizens.Leave out the respect, why dont they do their assigned work well? Why does it we got to push them/call them so many times to get our work done. No one whom I said above belong to any government concern where the system expects us to bribe them to do their work. Every damn person belongs to a private concern and everyone out there whom I faced tried to either cheat me or get away easily without doing what is needed.

It is so sad to see the state of how things run in this city. When a person is ready to get fooled, he is sure will be cheated by anyone. You got to be more cautious in getted doomed by these petty criminals. There cannot be a seen a tinge of sincerity in the work they do. But the expectations of them is really high. The basic attitude seems to be wrong somewhere in their minds. If not for a stretch of < 2km everyday each auto driver would not try to charge me different rates for the 1 week. I can understand their economic situation, but do they have to rob me. don't they have any standards to follow?

I guess this is the reason, why many Indians fly away abroad, unable to withstand the lack of honesty in people around them. Does this happen to everyone who settle newly in a city? Or does this happen to women alone who try to individually put up a home for herself? or Does these things shouldn't be allowed to bother one's life? or Can awareness be created to people making them understand that a slight misdoing in their work can affect people indirectly? Or Does Metro city runs only this way in India - Is this a hard written fact?

I am ending this post with all these open ended questions to which I find a answer soon. But I fear "getting used" to this way of life, as I strongly believe that getting used is the worst solution for all problems.


  1. Does Metro city runs only this way in India - My ans is "Yes" but with condition that it is the most commonly happening things in Chennai and not known about other Cities. You can not try to change these and try to adopt which is better to stay in Chennai as far as I experienced.

  2. Banu, it's a tough call to make. Your expections are very genuine.

    One can expect a lot more from a city like Chennai which has been growing so rapidly in the recent past. Don't get me wrong beacuse I am saying this living in abroad, but i sincerely feel that Chennai can be much better for the development it has made.

    After all it's OUR Chennai.

    But I am not sure where to start from and whom to blame!?!

  3. A small correction. Not all metros are like this. Chennai is like this. I remember when i lived there, the station was just 1 km away from my house. And the auto fellows in the stand just opposite to my house used to charge me 50 rs to 100 rs and that changes every single day. For every day in the year that I stayed in Chennai, i argued with them.

    They don't trust anybody or nobody can trust them. And thatz the motto on which Chennai thrives.

  4. yeah i agree with you getting used to is not a option .. BUT THEN what to do .. How will you survive
    they say jaise desh waisa bhesh ... for a reason.. I would suggest just be careful.. and look after urself .. Once you make some good friends and know around the area.. i am sure you image will change

    it could be the change of circumstances too you feel this wau and yeah this kind of things happens in every city and i have been to a lot of cities ...
    Take care

  5. @Karthik -- Ya definitely I cannot change any one of the things happening. But I can definitely try to stay away from them. Thanks for your words.

  6. Ya Aishu, If we have to start blaming , we are just struck up with where to and how to do it? But everything starts with the Corrupt minds ruling our country as if they run a private concern(India) all for themselves.

  7. @anonymous - The motto you said is 100% true. There is no meaning for the word TRUST in chennai's dictionary. I am happy that other Metros are not in this pathetic state.

  8. @Bikram Ji- Thank you so much for the kind words. Yes I shall be careful and take care of myself which I ought to do from now on on my own in this new city. The survival of the fittest is still the mantra everywhere.