Wednesday, December 22, 2010

K & K

The though of writing this post came to me when I had to part with 2 wonderful persons I met in my life. Both their surnames start with K and I am not sure if I can reveal their names in my blogspace. It would be good if it is this way as K & K. I met these two guys in my office as my team mates and they have now become as friends rather than colleagues and will be for long time to come. This post is more about treasuring the memories which I had shared with them and a small dedication to these 2 guys.

Let me introduce the first guy to you. I met this guy when I was first inducted to my project in my company. He was a year senior to me in the team and I still clearly remember the day and the scene of our first introduction. The first help he did to me was identifying some training portal in our office intranet site. The friendship with him was like instant and I started feeling so comfortable asking him anything right from day one. I am good in making new friends but not close friends. I choose them very carefully just like anybody. But this guy can be close to anyone and he has this awesome talent to attract anyone. After the first meet, he had helped me so much so much that I cannot repay him neither my family can. As I was new to Hyderabad, any small help regarding the place was rendered by him at any hour of the day. We slowly became neighbors in the office cubicle apart from being team mates. He had given me so much space that I can even fight with him if our ideas contradict. Also I can share with him all my personal and professional life taking him as my confidant. I used to do all work related things which he used to say but not some silly stuff. I used to postpone it and he used to hate that so much and we end up in a fight. But, slowly in these three years, he understood me and started calling me as lazy and making me fun instead of fighting when he needs any small work from me. I had given him in turn so much space in my world that he never hesitate to give me Supari, ask for a casual treat, or involve me in any kind of personal boyish conversations. A selfless friend who can do anything for someone who ask him help and a joyous person to be with. More responsible person for his age when I compare with other guys I met. If you allow him, he can lead your life also. You should be kind of careful with him. Just joking – I meant to say he can give you advice on anything he knows. He also has the sweet character of telling that he does not know this or that on which he doesn’t have knowledge. Very few guys accept their ignorance on matters. We had shared some wonderful moments in office chatting in sametime (internal chat) even though our cubicles are close enough to talk in person. I am so lucky to meet him in my life and I am definitely going to treasure this friendship and all those times we shared forever no matter how far I go from him.

Ok now I got to stop writing about the first person and start the next as I am very sure when my second friend reads this, he will be so restless to read about him. Yes this person is exactly opposite to the one about whom I had mentioned a few lines back. Our first meeting was in an office internal team meeting where I was introduced to him by my manager. He was a bit late to the meeting (oops sorry, I can’t forget that!) Soon after the meet, he flied to onsite and our initial conversations were only through sametime mostly about work and about technical difficulties I face. He is a very reserved person and it took me almost one year to make him comfortable when he speaks with me. But he changed with due course of time. Now, I would say that he has so much right to ask me anything personal or professional especially he would be the first to ask me treat for a small thing like rain in my hometown, for the feats which I achieved some 5 years back, for my post graduation completion even before my results are out and the list for the reasons for he asking me treat is endless. He had devised some 10 reasons when I gave him his pre-final treat. A technical guide he was to me and whose wavelength I matched with and I could understand whatever he speaks. I mean he used to tell only 4 words in a sentence that he wish to speak and the rest you got to discover it by yourself. He doesn’t take too much pain in anything in life. I would not use the term careless, but I would put it as light-headed. Next time when someone ask me quote for being cool I would rather say cool as my friend instead of cool as cucumber. He is a big fan of Sachin and we have shared very good moments in office talking about cricket matches. He hates my mother tongue and never foregoes a chance to pull my leg when he grabs a chance. It was so easy to share anything with this person so casually just like talking day to day affairs. A very simple human being with not much interest but some deep passions and he never gives up any task thinking that it is impossible. I am really happy that I got mentored by him during my initial days of learning in IT field.

I wish I hold the friendship and contact with these two persons in this life or any more lives to come if such any exists. And I shall wish for the well being of them and their family. Hey you two guys out there, Thank you for everything you gave me all the 3 years and I wish you success, prosperity and good health in all your new ventures in life.


  1. It is hard to find such friends, so hold on!

  2. Excellent .. You know I love people who know what friendship means ...

    I am glad i read your post.. friendship is very pure and unique and it makes us so happy and it indeed is a beautiful life when we have frends especially the ones with whom we can share anything and we know when they tell us something it is for out GOOD

    I am sure you will be fine and people who respect friendships are good human beings and you indeed are one ..

    god bless and merry christmas and a happy new year to u


  3. Yes Sakshi.. I am trying to hold on to them firmly as much as I can. I wish I make so many of them.

  4. Bikram ji, as usual your words were so kind and it made me happy reading your comments. Thank you for your wishes. Wish you too a very happy new year.

  5. Intersting pals you have....always makes office better

    Sadly my office is not like that, all busy in own stuff