Thursday, December 16, 2010

Journey to North India - 1

Pre – Trip Plans:

The plan to visit North India in the November of 2010 started as early as I had enrolled for my M.S couse in BITS Pilani. As a part of curriculum I will have to travel to BITS Campus to submit and present my dissertation. As the work is just for one day, I had combined the trip of visiting Jaipur & Delhi.

Ever since the dates for my viva was booked, the twirl and twist happened in my life was just “too much” to be put in a word. To my great surprise and joy my chithi(aunt) and my cousin(Akshaya) promised us(me, mom & my sister) to join the trip amidst their big schedule of Yoga competitions. After spending considerable time with Indian Railways website, I had managed to book tickets via 2 routes
1. Kacheguda(Hyd) to Jaipur
2. Secunderabad to Agra and Agra to Jaipur

You may ask why 2 routes. Though planning well ahead say nearly 75 days, I could get only WL tickets via the 1st and shortest route because my vacation fall around the dates of grand Indian festival of Lights.

I was just happy that my return tickets are confirmed. I started writing this travelogue in the train and it was just so fun to write as usual. Hope my readers also enjoy with me.

Day Zero: October 30, 2010

The day before the travel – Gosh it was just amazing if I look back now. All of my 30 days before the journey started with checking the PNR status. I had tried all my possibilities available with India Railways to get my ticket confirmed. You may not believe me if I say that I met some CRO of Kacheguda station to do some ticket confirmation through emergency quota as I was traveling for an educational purpose, but that ended in utter failure. Yes of course there is a legal option in Railways to do so and I had done earlier in Southern Railways.

My eyes got open when my cousin and aunt arrived at Secunderabad from their hometown to join us for the trip. Both of them never hesitate to travel in train for longer duration. They were just awesome companions for train journey. Both were so weird that they don’t waste time for a small span. They kept doing something or the other like reading, stitching, planning for sister’s wedding etc etc throughout the day/night. Coming to my day before the journey – I had to complete some final work of my dissertation, a complete packing for the trip, checklist of important things to be taken, doing a bit of last minute shopping, discussing about some wedding events that was soon approaching when I had done the trip and the day never ended.

The tickets slowly moved from WL to RAC and we decided to take the route from Kacheguda to Jaipur though it was RAC and though the 2nd route we had confirmed tickets. We did not want to waste time in journey – it was a matter of hardly 4 hours extra but the final decision was made by mom for some reason I don’t remember now. The whole of day zero went in packing and repacking. Afternoon I had completed my project work. In the evening, when I reached home to take a bit of rest before the journey, I was reminded how stupid and careless I had forgotten to take a copy of the presentation from my office harddisk. Rushed to office which is nearly 15 kms from home in a busy Saturday traffic and it took nearly 2 hours of my precious time. What would you call me if I say you that I did a small shopping in midst of all this. The day 1 of my journey was about to begin…….

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