Friday, December 31, 2010

Alvida 2010

2010 will be a definitely memorable year for me and my family for many reasons. The year was so much stressful and to pass each day, it required lots and lots of patience and endurance for me. There were happy days and sad days just like any other year, but when I sit down and wrap up the whole events of the year, I can remember the nights spent thoughtfully rather remembering the wonderful times I had. Let me try not to make this post a pathetic and sympathetic one. The first good and happy thing to share with my blog is the number of books I read this year. I would like to list it down with their names and their authors.

1. The moving finger – Agatha Christe
2. Random acts of heroic love – Danny Scheinmann
3. A Peculiar Chemistry – Kitty Ray
4. A thing beyond forever – Novonel Chakraborty
5. The man in the Brown suit – Agatha Christie
6. Only in London – Hanan-al-shaykh
7. Right Fit, Wrong shoe – Varsha Dixit
8. I too had a love story – Ravinder Singh
9. Evil under the sun – Agatha Christie
10. Simple things make luv – Komal Thakur
11. Nothing can be as crazy – Ajay Mohan Jain
12. Roots & Shadows – Shashi Deshpande
13. That kiss in the rain – Novoneel Chakraborthy
14. Should I or Shouldn’t I – Neetu
15. It happened that night – Akash Verma
16. Clive Avenue – T.S. Tirumurthi
17. Peril @ End house – Agatha Christie
18. The Lavender House – Wendy Robertson
19. Mango Coloured Fish – Kaveri Nambisan
20. Things falling into place – Linda Taylor
21. Case Histories – Kate Atkinson
22. The Great Train Robbery – Michael Crichton
23. The Dark Holds no Terror – Shashi Deshpande
24. Where shall we go this Summer – Anita Desai
25. P.S. I love you – Cecilia Ahern
26. Keep the change – Nirupama Subramanian
27. Love Story – Erich Segal
28. Solo – Rana Dasgupta
29. Johnny gone down – Karan Bajaj
30. The River Between – Ngugi wa Thiong
31. I had forgotten the name of the book and the author :P

I am thankful to the time and the British Library which has given me the chance to read a wide genre of books in this year. And I am really happy to have enjoyed reading these many books except for the last book whose name and author I had forgotten so easily.

The next happiest thing happened in 2010 was my sister’s wedding. Though the wedding was delayed many months, I would like to remember only the joyous 3 days of wedding and nothing more than that to avoid making sad faces every now and then in my every sentence.

I would definitely be happy to tell you all that I have completed my post- graduation in 2010 and my studying phase in life has come to a temporary stop this year until again I rejuvenate it with the hope of adding a doctorate degree beside my name.

The most joyous moment of the year would be the vacation days I had taken this year and had visited many tourist spots - Srisailam, Jaipur, Agra, Mathura and Delhi. I have shared my travelogues with this blog which would be definitely reminding me time and again about the happy days I had.

Compared to previous years, this year, I had watched many good movies both in theatres and in my television. Had engrossed in the habit of checking for good films regularly in television at 9 pm and were lucky many days to grab one. I have never maintained the list of movies I watch and this would be one among my to-do list in the next year.

On the personal front, 2010 saw me transferring a little more responsible than earlier, though I still remain the same crying girl when I don’t find solutions to my problems. As I face new difficulties in life every day, I become stronger and find new answers to them too. This is the year, when I turned almost to a single-parent child and this is the year when I can really compare myself between periods of time. Now at the end of this year, I can proudly say that the volume of tears I shed has reduced to a great limit. I wish I reduce it year by year.

On the professional side, 2010 taught me many things technically as well as on the managerial front. I got noticed and appreciated well for the work done and I am looking forward for an even better upcoming year @ my office.

How could I forget writing about my weekend dance classes which I enjoyed the maximum. The rhythm and the beat to which we dance inside the four walls to the tune of the dance teacher’s voice was just awesome and I used to be really really excited every week to learn new things. 2010 was the year which showed me my stamina to dance and my interests in pursuing it to a next level. Though I could not continue learning for the past one month, I am sure I will soon find a new dance teacher @ my new location in 2011.

Healthwise, except for the month of December during which I am suffering a terrible cough, I was happy to say that I was fit, thanks to the nature and my lifestyle. Wishing you all a very happy and prosperous new year. May health, wealth and happiness embrace you in 2011 :).


  1. Wow!.. thats a big list of books banu!!
    In 2010, the best thing I did (that I could think of now )was to read a lot of comics :P. Some good ones are C&H (the bestest), Cul de sac (very cute), Lio (creative)
    Wish you a very happy new year! :)

  2. I shall try these comics in the coming year Snowdrop :) this isn't a big list, I wish I reach half century in 2011. Wish me luck to achieve it. Happy new year to you too.

  3. Good to hear dear!! :) :) By the by, thanks for the list.. I will read them in 2011 :)
    Happy Dappy New Year! :)

  4. Hey...hope you start 2011 on a healthy note and have a fulfilling year and decade ahead with that doctorate degree and all the other things you wish to have...happy new year :)

    And that is an impressive list of books you read this year...I am going to pick up some from that list for sure...thanks for the recos :)

  5. Wowow you read so many... hats off ...

    I dont think i did anything worthwhile in 2010 :(

    Wishing you and every around you a very happy new year ...


  6. Anupama and Bikram -- thanks for your wishes.. @Bikram I wish I read so many more than this in the new year.