Sunday, November 21, 2010

Happy Weekend

I am so happy right now. This song is making me happier. An old song from the tamil movie – Aaha in which the hero sings so happily after meeting his love. Why does such romantic songs always written for male characters in the movies? Does a woman not feel this much happiness and love when she meets someone so exciting in her life. I have become so romantic in the past 48 hours. Is the effect of loneliness or watching good movies in the weekend? The weekend was all together fun in spite of sending bye to sister and mom who left a week early prior to my sister’s wedding leaving me alone to attend office for 3 days next week before I join them. Oops, for the first time in this space I am mentioning about my own elder sister’s marriage. She is moving to the next stage in her life – getting the love of her life all in a week’s time from now. And as usual the great Indian wedding started off with so much excitement and pompous arrangements. I have shopped to my heart level best and planned to look best in the 3 days coming up.

Watched Harry potter 7 – 1st part 3 hours back and was slightly disappointed by the slow pace of the movie. Though lots of things said in the book was covered in the movie, I still felt that there should be only one 7th part and not part 1 and 2. I did not hear the famous Harry Potter music but ogled and loved the look of Harry. He is just Harry to me and definitely Radcliffe. Only with his lightning scar on his forehead, I love him. Ron and hermoine were just good as usual. Nothing more to tell about the movie.

Finished a book in 3 hours of time – “Keep the Change” by Nirupama Subramanian. Cried along with the character of Damayanthi while reading, but ended up being so much enthusiastic after finishing the book, that I ate the whole lot of rice left as if starved for a week.  It was just a plain contemporary Indian writing to which any working girl in South India can relate to. Lots of expectations yet constraints, yearning to be outspoken yet traditional and I loved the pace of the novel. Looking forward to a great week ahead. Will be sharing a few of my sister’s marriage celebrations in this space once I am back. Btw my travelogue to North India is not getting my precious time dedicated to it. Wish to have more time to spend it lazily as well as usefully.


  1. nicely written Banu...
    I am able to feel ur happiness.gud going...
    happy shopping dear :) :)
    - Zeenath

  2. Thank you dear :) Happy to find one more reader who thinks I write nicely.

  3. Hey Banu,
    Quite rejuvenating post!
    Must be quite excited about your sis's marriage. I still remember how thrilled I was during my sister's!
    Have a great time and looking forward to those updates!


  4. Congratulations bhanu.. tere liye darwaze khul gaye...I wish the couple a happy married life..

  5. Good choice of song as the marriage is close........
    Happy Married Life to both of them:-)

  6. glad to see you happy :) and enjoying

    havnot seen HP GOT to see it :)

    and all the best for the new life :)


  7. congratulations on your sisters Marriage.

    I think Im going to hold off on Harry Potter till the last one comes on. Then it's Marathon time!

  8. Thank you all for your wishes :)

  9. @ Anonymous, Mere liye tho darwaza bahut din ke pehle hee khula huwa. Mein hi usse paar karneke liye hichak rahi hoon ;)

  10. So many good Indian authors coming up now, will try to get my hands on this one