Saturday, November 20, 2010

Guzaarish – a plea

I like watching movies alone (don’t ask me why) and I am kind of getting used to it. I am going to add the wish of seeing a movie all alone in a theatre to my bucket list of wishes :) after today. You get a nice feeling attached to life after watching a very few movies. This feeling can’t be expressed in words, but can definitely be by tears and the Guzaarish movie did it. After reading the story line of the movie, I was very sure that the director is not going to deceive me much. It has been ages since I got my expectations fulfilled after watching a movie. This post is definitely not going to be a review sort of thing. It is those 2 and half hours I was with Ethan Mascarenhas and the time I lived close to his life.

There would have been definitely many stories which had come up this way and we had heard the issue of Euthanasia in our newspapers now and then. But this is my first experience in seeing it in characters played wonderfully by none other than the charming and handsome magician – Hrithik Roshan. Ethan Mascarenhas – what a beautiful name it is first of all. Not even for once did I get bore in the movie hearing so many times everyone saying Mr.Mascarenhas. A magician taken revenge by his rival and becomes paralyzed for the whole of his life. The actor with ever-dancing legs is tied to his 4X6 inch bed and 30X60 inch room for a long period of 14 years. His caretaker Sophia – Sofeeah(that’s how Ethan calls her) is such a dedicated lady who never takes a day off in her 12 year career. He applies for a Euthanasia petition to the Indian Justice Department, to get the right to die just like any human being has the right to live. Ethan Mascarenhas did not give up his hope in the first year of his accident. After living with it for 14 years, he had come to this decision. Did he succeed in that? If you love emotions and you can just be moved seeing a person in the screen cry and if you enjoy watching heart touching stories, then you should definitely watch this movie in the screen.

Ethan’s Guzaarish to let him die and his appeal to go with his decision - Am I with him? Yes I am. I vote for him. I cannot see him suffer, no matter who ever it is. Rather than the suffering, let them sleep peacefully for long. There are so many arguments going on in this World whether Euthanasia is legal or illegal. Who cares? Who else apart from the guy who suffers has the right to his life? Nobody but he/she can feel the pain. I have come across so many such people in life and I cannot do anything but cry for them. The same happens with many around us. I saw so many people coming crying out of the Guzaarish movie. Tears were in the edge of the eyes for many one like me. Death should be natural as contrast to birth in this world. I am not into the funda of dying when you are suffering but individual cases like Ethan Mascarenhas can be definitely and uniquely given different judgement. Why do we need to have a generalized idea of Suicide and Mercy killing are just not acceptable. Live is too short and just so beautiful that every damn soul wish to live it with dignity and grace. I just wish to end this post saying the same words from the movie – Life is too short and let us not repent for anything that made us smile and try to make it a little more worthy.


  1. ////I like watching movies alone (don’t ask me why) and I am kind of getting used to it.////

    GOOD . i am also the same kind of person . i like to watch movies alone because of some reasons .i would like to write a blog about this , why i would like to watch the movie alone? . soon i will post a blog . when we watch the movie alone we can really enjoy the movie , i agree with ur point ....

    nice post ...

  2. @ Anonymous - Thanks :) Really the movie was beautiful

  3. @ Rajesh -- That's kind of you! Looks like you are reading my older posts too! Have fun..

  4. i saw this movie alone. in the theater. it was awesome.