Monday, October 25, 2010

Ladder 49 - A movie review

Saw this movie when telecasted in the air last week. English movies are capturing my attention and time so much in these lonely days at home {Mom is out of station}. So many thoughts ran in my mind after math the movie. The plot or the story to be more apt is about a fire fighter. The movie did not have any bang and sophisticated openings of the hero. Neither did the hero look so good and dashing as how the Indian heroes look if they play the role of a life saver. Jack Morris – of Ladder 49 team of the Fire fighter’s club gets trapped in a huge building crashing slowly as fire engulfs him inch by inch. His colleagues and his Captain are in constant touch with him through Radio and they are trying their very best to get Jack out of fire. In the last few minutes amidst fire, Jack starts re-collecting the proud and cherished moments of his life.

Jack is not shown as a hero in the first scene. He is just like any other person who has just qualified to be a fire – person. He has not saved any fire-victims yet. He is a trainer in the Ladder -49 squad. His colleagues make fun of him for being so dumb. He slowly learns the art of facing the fire and the tips and tricks to safeguard him and the rest of the lives when facing a fire accident. Initially he even cleans the office rooms and the lobbies as his part of work. The way his character has been structured from brick 1 should be appreciated. Jack has so much fun in the Fire Department office, ogles at women in the super market, tries to woo someone and win her heart. He gets married to the women he fell in love with. The wedding is so grand with all his friends and family present. He gets slowly experienced in his work and has hands on in the field.

With the slow improvement in his career starts the problem in his family too. The seriousness of his career and the risk he takes everyday whenever the fire alarms buzz creates a great fear in the mind of Jack’s wife. She is not able to live daily with the fear whether or not her husband will come alive home that day. She urges him to give up the fireman job. But the humanity which Jack has and the zeal to save human lives becomes the high priority for him. He somehow consoles his wife and keeps moving with his personal as well as professional ladder. Years pass and they get 2 kids. Nearly 10 years time has passed and he recollects all his cherished moments when he is at the verge of dying inside the fire erupted apartment. The happiest days – the day of his marriage, the day when he becomes father, the 5th birthday of his second child, the day when he was awarded and honored for his service and many more parties he had with his colleagues and his wife.

The movie ends with the ever – feared Red car arriving at Jack’s home announcing his death. Many scenes were touching and it just reminded me again and again that humanity is still left in the hearts of so many people around us. The whole world has not turned altogether selfish. There are still numerous selfless people like Jack who doesn’t think twice to put their own life first to save others. I salute them and honor them with whole heartedly. I can do only this and I shall remain selfless to the extent possible. The movie gave me a strong lesson that just because others are selfish in this world, it does not mean that I got to be also in the same way. I just had to stop and think about these numerous self less, life sacrificing fire fighters, army men and so many others who should be our idols and I wish to see many such movies to remind me often that humanity is still left in this world to embrace.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Enthiran - from my eyes

I sincerely advice the die-hard core fans of Rajnikanth not to proceed reading this post further. The post also has some spoilers – Read it on your own interests.

The last time when I watched Rajni’s movie was such a great experience. The movie was Sivaji and it was my first ever experience of watching a movie on the first day first show. I accompanied my cousin and I guess I was the only girl in the whole movie theater. But watching Enthiran was not that easy for me. I tried booking tickets for the Friday evening show but to our great dismay, I could get only 4 days later. The day was Tuesday – not a weekend to enjoy the movie first of all. I was little tired when I stepped out of office. Thanks to the day’s traffic, I managed to reach the multiplex well ahead in time. The expectations from my end to any regional movie are really high after watching some really good movies in English. But I don’t want to miss the fun in hearing to my native language comedy and dialogues written by late Mr.Sujatha. On top of it, who doesn’t wish to see Shankar’s movie.

Coming to the movie, did I enjoy it? --- Yes I did like the first half of the movie. About the second half, I got little tired of watching machines ruling the world. If a man controls a machine no matter, how sophisticated the machine is – I can watch it. But if one and only a machine is acting on its own – please spare me. I cannot watch it and I have avoided watching so many English movies because of this reason. I cannot think that it is the man who made that machine when I watch the machine doing all sorts of magic. A human touch is what I wish the movie should have.

I accept that the visuals were great and the animations and the new technology implementations were brilliant. And as per the story I can also admit that the movie is totally a science fiction and I am not ignorant to ask questions like -- Why this? How could it be? What is the logic? -- for any incidents happening in the movie. But I cannot stop myself to ask why does a Robot which reads Rig Veda, all the Upanishads, Bhagavad Gita, the rights & wrongs of the world cannot think twice before starting to love Sana, the fiancee of its own creator. Thanks to the writer who justifies this act of Robot in the scene when Chitti tries to kiss Sana and he says that it is not betrayal but only love and instead it asks Dr.Vaseegaran to do a sacrifice for his research. After all the same old saying – All is fair is love and War is given as the answer.

Again, no one else can answer to the not so simple question of – “Does God exist?” As simple as how it is answered in this movie. It was really wonderful to hear to such a rational reply. I should also admit that the pre-intermission sequence when Robot doing a complicated pregnancy got me goosebumps. But the non-stop fights and the hundreds of same face were quite tiring and I can’t resist myself to look at my fastrack more than necessary. It is just a one-time watch to know what the hype is all about and nothing more than that. I wish to watch more movies like Inception in which I am bound to use my brain and not like Enthiran for which I can simply leave my logic bound mind behind at home. It is true that I hooted and howled just like any other Rajni fan for the opening sequence but it is also truer that the movie did not impress me as much as I wished it for.