Monday, September 13, 2010

Books, books and more books

I have never been this crazy about buying and reading books all my life till this year. Might be I was never alone before and I had never this much time for myself earlier to spend in reading a book. From September 2010, I am going to allocate every month a little % of my Salary to buy some new books. My mom and sister do that regularly. Let me also try to do them. Hopefully I should read them all and enjoy reading. This post is about some of the places in this city where I get to grab some nice books. You guys should have noticed the Mahogany Wood Shelfari Shelf widget added in my blog. I am planning to buy a book shelf of that sort.

The best pastime for me and my mom during the weekends is to visit Landmark and browse through the books and the movies. From the starting of this year, January 1st, not even a month has passed without we missing the visit to Landmark. We were really thrilled in our first visit to see the huge hall with so many racks of books orderly placed under different genres – Indian fiction, World fiction, Bestsellers, Romance, Arts, Cookery, Literary fiction and more and more. It is just amazing to see some sale going on for the books for this month. I was lucky to get hold of the Nobel award winning book – One hundred years of Solitude for a good offer and I am reading it presently. Hopefully I should understand that literature at least to a range of 5 on a scale of 10. I have put my eye on so many other books which I had planned to get the next weekend. I and Mom can spend even 4 hours in Landmark without getting bored until we can bear the chillness of the air condition over there.

The British Library where we hold a family membership is another favorite hang-out of ours. It is a small library, but an ultra-modern one with new technologies, though with less number of books compared to the huge collection at Landmark, but I get to read rare and interesting books. The librarian and the assistant over there were so kind last weekend that they let me inside even without a library card.

During weekends, we hunt through out the new city for the old books stalls and the books which mostly I get are for my mom who reads so much of Mills & Boons. I like helping her out in the shops but I take extra caution not to touch any of those books. My hands are kind of allergic to that dust and the state of books. But then, I got my entire set of Harry Potter collections from these old book shops and they are not second-handed to my luck. They are of course pirated versions and I am sorry for it but I can’t afford the whole lot of original series.

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  1. good.. keep reading :)

    try out landmarkonthenet.. That is also a great place for books.. except that u don't get the fragrance of 1000s of books surrounding u in a real shop.. :P