Thursday, August 5, 2010

Day 7 of Positivity

Here is the 7th and final day of this theme of Positive moments, with a small story at the end.

1. I was happy to see the National Treasure Movie once more in Zee studio, the movie which I had seen many times. I never get bored seeing the same movie again and again, if it is a favorite of mine.

2. Thanks to the traffic in the road – I had a small nap in the bus on my way to office. Finding out positivism even in a terribly struck traffic is really cool.

3. I am thankful to all my friends who are with me making my life more lively and happy.

4. I am thankful to my parents for what and how I am today.

5. I am thankful to the nature to let me live in this world and breathe every minute.

I complete my 7 days of Positivity with this. The experience was really different and I had enjoyed thoroughly doing this. It has increased the way I look at things and the optimist in me has grown up well. I would like to quote a story from Mahabharat at this moment. I am not sure why I am narrating this at the end of this 7th day. It might be the effect of optimism and positivism. Once Yudhisthira and Duryodhana were asked to go individually and find how many good people and how many bad people are there in the city. When Duryodhana returned back from his survey, he was so much frustrated and came up to a conclusion that every single person in the country is bad. But when Yudhisthira went for his turn, he found that all persons are good and said that he could not find a single bad person in his country. This shows that good and bad – positive and negative all lie only in the eyes you look from. A healthy and optimistic way of life is what we all need and so be positive at all times and be happy.

P.S : I am too happy that this is my 50th post in my blog.


  1. Congrats for completing the course on Positive living.. and on the 50th Post!!! Kudos Girl.. keep up the great great work.

  2. Great mam... Congrats for 50! Keep going...

  3. Wow Banu..I liked the ending style which makes your 50th post spl. You have done a pretty good job with this theme!
    Good luck girl..:)

  4. Thanks Sakshi, karthik and Aishu for ur kind words :)

  5. matlab aap toh ekdum authress ho gayi ho!!! wat an edning!!!

  6. congrattttttttttssssssss banu!! fantastic job!!!!! :)))

  7. Congrats....good to see your 50th Landmark of posts...hope you continue to cross yet more....keep going

  8. I too should plan to watch National Treasure. It was on last night but I instead watched American Psycho

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  10. @Sulagna -- Ek dum authress !!Nahin Di.. Utna confidence nahin hai mere paas!!

    @Nil -- Thanks a lot dear !!

  11. @Prajyot -- Thank u :) wil try to keep up to the expectations.

  12. Pesto -- you should definitely watch both the sequels of National Treasure --- A fast going movie with treasured moments unrevealed.

  13. Thanks Maubrey for the first time visit and comment.. Sure will drop at yours some time.

  14. congrats on the 50th post.. i liked the end story on good and bad indeed as they say beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder ...
    and this on positivity nice idea ... well done

  15. @Bikramjit -- Thank you for ur kind words :)