Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Peril @ End House

Nothing has enthralled me so much till now than finishing a Agatha Christie novel in less time. @ End House Monsieur Poirot, Christie's famous Belgian Detective widely remembered as a short guy with a sharp mustache accidentally gets involved in solving a murder mystery even after his retirement. I really felt so bad that I didn't read a book for the past one month or so, due to my sheer laziness and nothing else like priorities, reasons, work etc. Wanna direly get rid of that feeling, hence went to library and got 3 books as usual -- one is Agatha Christie, other is Indian Fiction and the third is a story in the English Land. Peril @ End House by Agatha is one of the stages where Poirot's intelligence is showcased. The plot was same, the characterization was same, the country atmosphere was same and with our same Poirot this time, a different puzzle to solve. In the course of the novel, all the characters are being suspected for the murder except a few who has clear alibis for them. In the end, the surprise was that to-be victim character herself was the assassin. Through Poirot, the author tells that any mystery is like a bundle of puzzle pieces and each has to be fitted in its right place to give us the final shape. Also, organizing the things, planning out properly, noting down the events happened, writing down the doubts as questions all help in solving the problem so easily. How simple it would be if Poirot's logic and wit is applied to all matters of life. Yet another time, it has been proved that Poirot's Grey cells can match none. Alas, my Grey cells could never succeed in hand before to guess the criminal. I have read so many Agatha Christie novels till date, but every time the excitement has never been less than before. The thrill and the eagerness to know who killed whom and the motive behind it and gathering the proofs to prove the murderer guilty--- all help in spending my nights so well that I tend to forget the time more often :) I am looking forward to read such exciting books.


  1. Cooool, I looove Agatha Christie, used to have every single one of her books, and never got bored. Enjoy! :)

  2. @Cathy -- Ya Agatha never let her readers down.. Even after reading so many plots, I could know the suspense getting broken only at the end...