Friday, July 30, 2010

Day 4 of Positivity

Writing down good moments continuously for the 4th day is getting tough, but I had somehow managed to come up with the following list of 5.

1. We have a gym at our office premises and special timings have been reserved for ladies from 3 to 5. I knock the gym down quite regularly but with frequent misses. I am thankful to my concern to give me an opportunity to take care of my fitness too. Working out in the gym really enhances my senses and make me feel good for the day.

2. The monsoon shower in Hyderabad is making the climate so chill and I had a chance to enjoy it without an umbrella in the morning hours of the day. Me thankful to the nature for it.

3. I am grateful that I get to eat sumptuous and tasty dinner every day prepared readily by my mom when I reach home. Yesterday’s dinner was little more special with the freshly prepared lime pickle.

4. I am thankful to my shopping sense which made me buy a cute bracelet long back. I found it deep inside my box yesterday and wore it. Got the idea of buying a similar piece in Gold very soon.

5. Got my salary today and so happy to see my balance really high for the day and its Friday – Obviously a day to be happy to start my weekend. Happy weekend to all. Cheers.


  1. i think i am gonna steal this positivity theme too soon...btw nic read...

    i liked the alternative career ones too... :)


  2. Thanks Raj :) for ur kind words.