Thursday, July 29, 2010

Day 3 of Positivity

I am first of all grateful to write down 5 happy things for the 3rd in a row. Here is today’s list

1. I was happy to look at the first collage of photos which I made for my blog. I felt it really cute to put all the pictures into a single frame. Do let me know how the collage looks. The link is here.

2. After the summer, I alter my wardrobe shifting my daily wears from cotton to synthetic clothes. This monsoon, I had bought a brasso material and I was grateful to the tailor who had given it a decent shape with no alterations required further.

3. Anything newly learnt is exciting for me and in that list, it is the concept of Balance Transfer this time. A polite lady from SBI customer care together with my friend helped me understand it. Thanks to both of them.

4. I left from office a little early and had managed to get a long night sleep in this lovely weather. The sleep helped my senses to calm down and rejuvenate better after a bitter day.

5. I was happy to learn that I am entitled to a bonus component in my salary which I will get in a couple of days. Finally the happy news was revealed by my manager.

Wish to keep writing happy moments for 4 more days to come 

1 comment:

  1. I think this is a BEAUTIFUL concept. And, I think, that instead of making it just for seven days, we should all do it, every day. To be grateful and happy about the day that has gone by.
    I am going to take this up soon, actually- You should visit my blogpage.. am going to modify this a little. :)