Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Careers for a change

Of late, I have wondered what other careers amuses me and I have listed nearly 10 professions which I would like to pursue apart from being a Softie..

1. Doctor -- The field of Medicine has fascinated me the most right from childhood. Be it any specialist, I just honour them for saving life which is the most precious
entity in this universe.

2. Dance Teacher -- Dancing wow the rhythm and the music, coordination of the whole body and the gracefulness, the emotions shown without words. I shall definitely try to master one form of dance in my life and wish to teach kids and help them enjoy the elegance and happiness out of dancing.

3. Marriage/Party Organizer -- Organizing an event is not a piece of cake and not any less if it is a marriage, I am all set to enjoy cum plan it well and I would definitely like to take the whole burden from the bride and groom's family members and make it a memorable day for the couple.

4. Personal Assistant/Secretary to a business Magnet -- I am kind of excited about this profession, where the secretary is like the right hand cum left hand of a ever-busy business person. I shall be the inner - credit for his/her success and can boast of his/her achievements.

5. Glass cleaning in a multi storeyed building --- I would like to experience this work atleast once. The huge glass buidings and the long rope hanging from the terrace to which I shall cling to and clean square by square -- Can you imagine me like that? The thrill of the height and the difficulty involved in it is attracting me.

6. Librarian -- I would love to arrange the books and have a catalogue of them only in an airconditioned library :P. Also, I shall get to know a milllion author names
and have access to read them at my desk Arranging, Organizing are just good time pass careers for me.

7. Photographer - What more needed when the frozen memories of the minute are captured excellently in a camera and when the beauty of nature is explained without words. Mastering the skill of photography is yet another desired profession of mine.

8. News Reader - Every morning and evening I shall look spic and span and read out from the tele-prompter with my crystal clear voice the news happening around the world from the idiot box. This is another profession which I would like to lay my hands upon.

9. KinderGarten Teacher -- Kids -- their smile, their unanswerable questions, thier cryings, their pranks I love all these. I wish I have the patience of a KG teacher to open a PlaySchool.

10. Writer -- I want to keep writing blogs like this for years to come and be encouraged to do this. Apart from blogs, I haven't in my wildest dreams thought of
writing something fiction. But would like to test my imagination some day.

So do you have any such list of yours? If so I would definitely like to hear about them.

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