Wednesday, July 28, 2010

7 Days of Positivity - Day 2

This theme of Positivity, I had found later that it had its origin from Preethi Shenoy’s blog. So I would like to thank her too for letting the bloggers enjoy writing about their happy moments. I am quite late in posting my happy moments and these account to the things happened a day before when I am writing them. Coming to the day 2, here are a few moments for which I felt happy and thankful to people who made them happen

1.Every one who returns from onsite in my team gets a bag full of chocolates and yesterday was a day when we all had a feast of nearly 8 varieties of Danish chocolates. I was happy that I could grab as many as I could before the pack goes empty.

2.After the three books, which I had borrowed from the library, I am thankful to find an old book, The Great Train Robbery by Michael Crichton and to read his fiction set up in 19th century.

3.Got a chance to meet up a friend of mine who got married recently and felt happy for her and congratulated her for a new phase of life. An another college friend of mine gave me a surprise call at the end of a bitter day at office to share me her marriage news over the phone and personally invited me. More wedding bells heard this season.

4.I am happy that my friends who had a trip to Lonavala last weekend returned safely and securely in midst of monsoon showers and wet weather. Thankful to my friend who took pains to buy me nearly 4 – 5 types of chikki. They were yummy.

5.I am indeed so happy to see my butterfly puzzle taking its shape and it is nearly 75% completed. The butterfly looks so real with its vivid colours and what fantastic shades of blue and green.


  1. Heyy banu! :)
    so you're into puzzles'eh? I've never been pro at them :P

    This is a real nice concept, and good to know you're so enthu'd about it!
    God bless! :)

  2. Hi Nil... Ya puzzles are just a wonderful pasttime for me. I love doing them. Really a cool concept na. U too try taking it up.

  3. Nice to see you're doing these posts. What a coincidence!! Our team also visited Lonavala last weekend!! :)

  4. @Priya --- Only my friends gang visited - I am dying to go there.. sigh..