Tuesday, July 27, 2010

7 days of Positivity ---- Day 1

I borrowed the theme of this post from Priya’s blog. The main idea is to jot down 5 things which made u feel happy/grateful every day starting from today for a week. If you don’t find such things, you can simply be grateful that u got 3 times food. Finding out the happy moments and treasuring them by blogging can give you nice feelings to last for long time. It is also said that optimistic way of life is good for long health. I believe that sharing happiness will definitely multiply it and return it back to you. By seeing someone happy, you also tend to forget your sadness and be happy, as the positivity is contagious. As I always write down in this space, I do want to remember only happy thoughts in future. This could be the perfect way to do it. I do not blog at night and hence I shall be putting down the things which made me happy the previous day and here comes today’s list.

1.I am happy that my dance class went fine yesterday and I have completed learning the first item in Bharatanatyam – Pushpanjali. I am yet to practice it some 100 times before I become extremely comfortable to perform it on a stage.

2.I happened to watch the movie – Inception in PVR yesterday afternoon and the movie was too good and a feast to my brain. Dream within a dream, so many levels/layers of dreams, extracting a thought from a dream, inception of an idea to another person via his dream – all that fiction made a complete movie and I felt so happy to watch it with my sister who joined me after a long time.

3.The monsoon showers which made its presence felt the whole day was more than enough to make me smile whenever I stepped out of house. My eyes were fortunate to get a drop of the rain into it. The moment when the rain drops fell in my eyes were just amazing to recollect.

4.I was happy for my sister as she was lucky to find a beautiful colored designer sari at Kalamandir. I had the chance to view and feel so many colours, fabrics, designs; --- wow I love the sari shops. Her wedding is nearing and we three(me, mom and sister) at home talked about her marriage day costumes and I was really really happy that I am the organizer for all such stuffs 

5.I wore a new t-shirt yesterday and I was happy that it suited me the whole evening for the shopping and I was happier that it was bought at a very reasonable price in the sale going on @Lifestyle.


  1. Love this theme! :-),Thinking about moments that made you happy definitely will bring a smile on your face!

  2. Can i borrow this idea from your blog now :) ?

  3. @Subhashini--- Thanks da...

    @Huda Merchant --- You are most welcome to borrow it.

  4. Wow Banu..it's a cute post. I am gonna sometime inherit this theme for my blog.
    Looks like you are on a blog-marathon!
    Keep blogging girl..:-)