Monday, June 28, 2010

It made me smile

The month of June has been terrible till the last week but still I managed to bring smile in my lips. I would definitely want to blog them down here. After a long wait, I could open up a savings account in a public sector bank apart from my salary account. This I have been asked to do 2 years back, but could end up doing it only the last week. I am so happy about it. I should really appreciate the Manager(operations) at the SBI HPS branch to ease out of the proceedings of the account opening for me. For a change, the SBI staff were really kind. I had a very bad day at the same branch some 2 years back when I had to take a Demand Draft. I have been asked to run between counters to fill a form. That was really pathetic for the staff to take nearly 15 mins to give me a form. But after this 2 years, the scenario there was completely changed. At the reception, a physically challenged lady was seated to help everyone. What a fantastic woman she is. She was able to guide me with the minute details for every silly question I asked her. Plus, she never changed her tone and answered so softly to everyone's queries. And the lady at the Operations desk was just too good. I had to meet her again the coming week for a favour. Hope she helps me by just following the bank procedures and not expecting too much from me. I was really happy to be back home with my account details after the 2 hours in the bank :)

A friend of mine gifted me this Photomosaic. This is basically a Jigsaw puzzle made up of 1000 pieces. He has been so kind to choose this gift when he travelled from US and the joining of these puzzles has been my pastime from the last two days. I have completed 15% of the puzzle and it is coming out so beautifully. I could easily spend 3 hours at a stretch on this puzzle making and I am just loving it. One more puzzle is on its way to Hyderabad :) which I myself ordered it online The act of joining these puzzles gives me more patience than ever. The 1000 odd pieces are just scattered and definitely not missing. To solve them, it is just a trial and error, more patience, little brain to find it out and place it in the right place. The smile and happiness that engulf me when a long-searched piece is found can not be put in words. It is a wonderful feeling and my mom tells that life is also just the same as this puzzle, where the solution to each problem lies around us but is just scattered and spread at different directions. How true life's complications coincides with a simple puzzle game. Fantastic isn't it?

One more thing which has knocked my door to bring me smile is that my final C.G.P.A for my M.S came a week back and I scored 83% which is far beyond my exam preparations and I am so much satisfied with it. I also had a nice walk in the necklace road with a cherished friend of mine for an hour on a weekday(24/06). The talks, laughs, pranks and the cool breeze made me really rejuvenate and forget the miserable days. I shall try to make that walk once in a fortnight atleast from now on.

I am waiting for a few more things to happen which will make me smile and giggle a lot. Will wait patiently for it and keep my blog updated :)


  1. I like the comparison that your mom made between life and jigsaw puzzle..Be happy..:-)