Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Horizon is blurring

I read this beautiful line daily, "The biggest lie in the planet: 'When I get what I want, I will be happy." Do you want to speak this lie often or you are ready to face the truth? I never knew that truth can be this bitter. The things which we always dislike ends up being the truth. Getting a mango to eat u like is great but getting it always reduces the sweetness of the fruit u want. The thing which I like to culture in myself and in many others is to get satisfied what I/we get. I mean this only for materialistic things and not for experience and knowledge. No body can sit idle and be happy after finishing just 5th class. Learning should be never-ending. Apart from the knowledge, you can always say 'enough' to any thing. When you start saying enough for the materialistic things you possess and start enjoying what you have presently, life is a bliss. Often we tend to forget what we have in our almirah and search for the same in the shop. At the same time, I never stop working and earning money. I can never do that. I realised that I cannot stop wishing for things as I am not a ardent follower of Gandhi and I can never be also. I would also never say to stop running behind your dreams provided your dreams are within a limit. Who draws the limit? It is upto each one of us to do that. We can either remain greedy or remain intelligent and distinguish ourselves from the rest of the cribbers. The limit/boundary we want to reach becomes blurred as we approach it. Try hard not to erase the line and try to enjoy within the line always. Never crib when you have given a chance to draw a limit. There are many who are not as lucky as we are.

Once I attended a Gandhian talk given by a great Philosopher. I was very curious to know how to lead a Gandhian life. He started asking us when will be get satisfied and how much money will make us lead a peaceful life instead of cribbing. A few people in the meeting came up with amounts like a crore, 10 crores, a million etc. But the speaker made us understand at the end that we all will never get satisfied with that amount even after getting it. When we get that, we shall crave for double the value. Except for a handful and easily countable number of people, all else in this world are like that only. Why else would Mukesh Ambani and Anil Ambani keep on increasing their profits quarter by quarter? Why else we would expect increments by a margin of 5-10% every year? Why else would the gold rate increase every fortnight? No body today as far as I have come across have said "This is enough for me; I dont want any more". But can we eat 5 kgs of rice in a time? Can we wear more kg of gold than our weight? Certainly No... There is a limit to everything. We can always draw a limit to what we need and strive to get that. Once we cross that limit, we tend to draw the next limit rather than enjoying what we got.. "We" includes everyone in this planet. I am not going to exclude anyone not even me in this. This is how we are. But if we think a little more and start saying enough a number of times, rather than cribbing and being greedy, we can make heaven at home.

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  1. I really love the second para of your post.

    Food for thought. Very profound, very intense and so true! Thanks for sharing this.

    You've posted this at a time when I really needed someone to put this into perspective for me.

    Thanks a tonne Banu.