Wednesday, June 30, 2010

My Sins Against Gender Stereotypes

Happen to see this tag in IHM blog. Have you all wondered at any point of time in your life that why are some things meant for men and some for women. Though there have never been reservations for the gender in Education and Job anywhere in the world, there have always been restrictions/differences for both men and women for one or the other thing. I am not here to post my biased views neither I am going to curse any gender for their so called stereotypism. It is just a funny tag and I have to just list down atleast ten things which I have ever wanted or done which my gender is not supposed to and here they are

* I wish to choose my attire without spending much time in trial rooms and in front of the mirror.
* With the soccer worldcup around, my nights would have spent in front of tv cheering so well for my team.
* Gone for atleast 2 bike trips till date.
* Reached women's hostel after 9 at my college days
* Wouldnot have missed the parties which my friends are having at late nights
* Would have Slapped two guys right in their face at the road for reacting too much about traffic rules.
* Hated soft toys especially teddy bears
* Lazily spent the weekends entirely by browsing in the same posture.
* Made more friends without any hesitation.
* Given more emotional/physical support to my mom.

As per the tag, who ever does the tag is supposed to tag twelve blogging friends or else you will be cursed to wear blue clothes pants if you are a woman and pink shirts if you are a man – for next twelve years. Hence I hereby tag


Monday, June 28, 2010

Ravanan -- Not worth the hype

In midst of so much hard feelings at heart and in spite of a heavy downpour, I watched Ravanan - the much hyped and the latest tamil flick directed by many movie-goers' favourite Mani Ratnam (Mani sir from now on). I had booked the ticket 3 days back for the opening day's evening show. Planned to go with mom but unfortunately she had to stay back and I took my uncle instead who happened to be in Hyderabad for a totally different reason. Coming to the movie, by this time many of the net-surfers would have read about the movie. A friend of mine has even downloaded the torrent of the movie (my deepest sympathies to Mani sir if he gets to know of this.) The whole movie is a feast only to the eyes and not to the brain. Based on the plot of the ancient Indian epic - Ramayana, the movie starts with the kidnapping of Ragini(Aishwarya Rai Bachchan), wife of Dev(PrithviRaj) by Veera aka Raavanan(Vikram). Seeing her courage, Veera fails to kill her in 14 hours rather end falling in love with her before the 14 days forest-arrest. The story line is not so attractive and it is very clear what happens next. Also the dialogues by pathetic Hasini makes me wonder whether I came for a Mani Sir's movie, coz his movie dialogues are usually soul-stirring. A village based desi-story never impresses me no matter if the story is good and no matter if it is directed by Mani Sir.

I liked a few scenes in the movie and they are in this order:
1. Ragini jumping in the athirampalli falls ( I have been there to that waterfalls place :))
2. Ragini's prayer to Lord Vishnu ( I love that form of lord vishnu - the one in which he lays down on his palm)
3. Ragini's costumes(only the salwars she wears in the movie were just amazing)
4. The pre-climax bridge duel(something new I have seen in the recent times)
5. The climate and the weather shown in the climax and in the entire movie. (The rain and the chillness always prevailing in the forest land was so nice)

I wished that Ragini could have jumped along with Veera to show her love on him and to prove that Dev does not deserve her. But nothing sort of that happened in the movie. Thanks to Mani sir that he did not show that Dev & Ragini joined at the end and lived happily. Lord Ram never tried or persuaded Sita to stay with him and never will Dev get Ragini after using her as a bait.

I had booked for the Hindi version of the movie in IMAX screen 2 days later and had to watch that also in shivering cold. I direly wanted to get rid of that Suhasini's dialogues and hence went for the Hindi version too. Comparing both the versions of the movie, Vikram's acting was so nice than that of Abhishek, who is just staring in the film rather than showing out emotions. Vikram as Dev in Hindi did his part quite well. About Ragini --- she danced well and her courage was too much to jump in that falls :) A chemistry lacked between her and Dev(Prithviraj), good they both had just a song together. Kudos to Santhosh Sivan, the cinematographer who made me sit in the movie hall twice for the film and the direction was good - the way Mani Sir said the story to us although there was not much to say. And how can I not mention about the maestro genius who enthralled us once again with his art of expressing everything in superb music. ARR's bgm was too too good to be put in words and I am not the one to review anything about him. Totally I was impressed and the Behene De will be in my playlist forever :)

It made me smile

The month of June has been terrible till the last week but still I managed to bring smile in my lips. I would definitely want to blog them down here. After a long wait, I could open up a savings account in a public sector bank apart from my salary account. This I have been asked to do 2 years back, but could end up doing it only the last week. I am so happy about it. I should really appreciate the Manager(operations) at the SBI HPS branch to ease out of the proceedings of the account opening for me. For a change, the SBI staff were really kind. I had a very bad day at the same branch some 2 years back when I had to take a Demand Draft. I have been asked to run between counters to fill a form. That was really pathetic for the staff to take nearly 15 mins to give me a form. But after this 2 years, the scenario there was completely changed. At the reception, a physically challenged lady was seated to help everyone. What a fantastic woman she is. She was able to guide me with the minute details for every silly question I asked her. Plus, she never changed her tone and answered so softly to everyone's queries. And the lady at the Operations desk was just too good. I had to meet her again the coming week for a favour. Hope she helps me by just following the bank procedures and not expecting too much from me. I was really happy to be back home with my account details after the 2 hours in the bank :)

A friend of mine gifted me this Photomosaic. This is basically a Jigsaw puzzle made up of 1000 pieces. He has been so kind to choose this gift when he travelled from US and the joining of these puzzles has been my pastime from the last two days. I have completed 15% of the puzzle and it is coming out so beautifully. I could easily spend 3 hours at a stretch on this puzzle making and I am just loving it. One more puzzle is on its way to Hyderabad :) which I myself ordered it online The act of joining these puzzles gives me more patience than ever. The 1000 odd pieces are just scattered and definitely not missing. To solve them, it is just a trial and error, more patience, little brain to find it out and place it in the right place. The smile and happiness that engulf me when a long-searched piece is found can not be put in words. It is a wonderful feeling and my mom tells that life is also just the same as this puzzle, where the solution to each problem lies around us but is just scattered and spread at different directions. How true life's complications coincides with a simple puzzle game. Fantastic isn't it?

One more thing which has knocked my door to bring me smile is that my final C.G.P.A for my M.S came a week back and I scored 83% which is far beyond my exam preparations and I am so much satisfied with it. I also had a nice walk in the necklace road with a cherished friend of mine for an hour on a weekday(24/06). The talks, laughs, pranks and the cool breeze made me really rejuvenate and forget the miserable days. I shall try to make that walk once in a fortnight atleast from now on.

I am waiting for a few more things to happen which will make me smile and giggle a lot. Will wait patiently for it and keep my blog updated :)

Monday, June 7, 2010

It's not the same anymore..........

Can something be erased from memory just with a snap of a finger?. If this can be done, I wanna apply it for the last 4 days of my life. Never before I had or Never again I can bear this. I just wish I can act in this life of mine thinking that nothing has happened. A wierd fantasy land might help me soon to do all this. I don't want anyone's help to overcome from this type of feeling. Rather I will try my best to fight with myself to remain as cold as possible. But is this right? Or will it help? I am scared that I shall lose belief in many things in this world. I was not in a state of confusion this time. I was very clear in what I spoke or what I thought. The truth is that I didnot have any choices to get perplexed this time.

I could have avoided all that happened and all the words. If I had done that this time, some day later I may think myself as a coward. I could have been spared of only the incident and not the outcome. I am bound to digest the fact and the fact is so much concentrated with no trace of coolness/tenderness in that to soothe myself. Due to this, I am no more the same as yesterday. I hope I dont turn to much cruel and develop hatred because of all this. The sooner I recover from this, the better it will be for myself and people around me. There are many choices to make the recovery.
  • I can indulge myself in more books/ more work/ more music.
  • I can surrender to the silent phase in life by being so cold from within.
  • I can seek the help of someone special to pacify my anger and to cool down my hatred. May be I got to find that special person :) or I had already found and still hesitant to seek help.
  • If not will therapy help me? Yes but only if I totally need it. I think I may not need it. This blog of mine shall always remain such a special place to me to help me in all this painful days :-)

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Horizon is blurring

I read this beautiful line daily, "The biggest lie in the planet: 'When I get what I want, I will be happy." Do you want to speak this lie often or you are ready to face the truth? I never knew that truth can be this bitter. The things which we always dislike ends up being the truth. Getting a mango to eat u like is great but getting it always reduces the sweetness of the fruit u want. The thing which I like to culture in myself and in many others is to get satisfied what I/we get. I mean this only for materialistic things and not for experience and knowledge. No body can sit idle and be happy after finishing just 5th class. Learning should be never-ending. Apart from the knowledge, you can always say 'enough' to any thing. When you start saying enough for the materialistic things you possess and start enjoying what you have presently, life is a bliss. Often we tend to forget what we have in our almirah and search for the same in the shop. At the same time, I never stop working and earning money. I can never do that. I realised that I cannot stop wishing for things as I am not a ardent follower of Gandhi and I can never be also. I would also never say to stop running behind your dreams provided your dreams are within a limit. Who draws the limit? It is upto each one of us to do that. We can either remain greedy or remain intelligent and distinguish ourselves from the rest of the cribbers. The limit/boundary we want to reach becomes blurred as we approach it. Try hard not to erase the line and try to enjoy within the line always. Never crib when you have given a chance to draw a limit. There are many who are not as lucky as we are.

Once I attended a Gandhian talk given by a great Philosopher. I was very curious to know how to lead a Gandhian life. He started asking us when will be get satisfied and how much money will make us lead a peaceful life instead of cribbing. A few people in the meeting came up with amounts like a crore, 10 crores, a million etc. But the speaker made us understand at the end that we all will never get satisfied with that amount even after getting it. When we get that, we shall crave for double the value. Except for a handful and easily countable number of people, all else in this world are like that only. Why else would Mukesh Ambani and Anil Ambani keep on increasing their profits quarter by quarter? Why else we would expect increments by a margin of 5-10% every year? Why else would the gold rate increase every fortnight? No body today as far as I have come across have said "This is enough for me; I dont want any more". But can we eat 5 kgs of rice in a time? Can we wear more kg of gold than our weight? Certainly No... There is a limit to everything. We can always draw a limit to what we need and strive to get that. Once we cross that limit, we tend to draw the next limit rather than enjoying what we got.. "We" includes everyone in this planet. I am not going to exclude anyone not even me in this. This is how we are. But if we think a little more and start saying enough a number of times, rather than cribbing and being greedy, we can make heaven at home.