Tuesday, May 18, 2010


How much can words hurt you? Can they pierce your well-guarded mind like a lightning?. Well in my case the words coming out of the mouth as well as the words written on a piece of paper can do equivalent harm. I dont feel any difference in them. They have hurt me and touched my soul equally. Very rarely the books I read make me feel and make me think a lot. Today when I was reading a novel, suddenly all my senses were confined a single thought of misery and it took me nearly 30 mins to come out of the feeling. I just wished to erase that moment when I read those lines. It is a misery of a young girl faced in her home where the fairer sex is considered as good for nothing living beings. It was not exaggerated much. But the situation and the culprit words striked me and had shaken me so much that I felt really a chill down the spine. The experience was indeed a new one to me. I craved for some nice chocolate to get rid of the feeling. I drank so much water and tried to forget the incident in the book but with no vain. After nearly half an hour and a gentle cribbing about the book to my friend I was little relaxed. In this whole morning episode of my life, one thing I am again remembered is that I am just so so so sensitive and get easily emotional. Is that the reason, the fairer sex is marked as the weaker sex too??? I feel ashamed to accept this fact. But I can also think that I am just so cared about everything. When you see others in pain, you should always feel sad for them rather than being happy or being untouched. And just by feeling its not enough. You should always take the initiative to make others happy. I guess I learnt this in my Moral Science class. But why am I writing all this here in this post where I just want to explain myself more and make me cheerful. Its all the things which I ought to remind myself again and again. Never Ever think of hurting others by words. I guess I would have forgotten this, hence I am faced to hear all words which I dont want to, coz what u do is the reason for all what you get.

I also had a very bad weekend listening to some words I dont deserve to hear at any cost. I am not going into details of why I got to hear them and why I ought to fight with him, since sometime later, when I read these words, I donot want to cry. I have a strong conviction that this also will pass and will make me stronger a bit than yesterday. And with my 24th birthday coming up in a week, I dont want to spoil my week recalling all these cruel words and doing much thinking. Wish to have a peaceful week ahead.


  1. Take it easy Bans! All is well.

  2. Hey dear...you know, it was a couple of weeks back, or maybe 1-2 months, when I had received an email from a very close friend... an email that had screwed up not just my night, but quite a few weeks after that. So, you know, words written on the electronic medium is also good enough to fuck your happiness. All that matters is the person, and the context. But then, there are times when you do need to get out of it and make life work again, just for the sake of 'greater good'.

    Reacting to your post's agenda, tell me something. You have a problem of women being called the 'weaker sex', but have no qualms in calling them the 'fairer sex'? Why the discrimination, girl? Believe it or not, we are all here to discriminate. Either we are biased towards the women, or the other sex. But we are.

  3. nice going thorough ur posts...i jst dropped by accidentally..anyway had a gd time reading...
    by the way it wud be a grt pleasure if u visit mine....
    comments and ya followers r always welcome...

  4. I'm sorry you feel that way...

    Think of it this way. There would be no life at all on this planet if it weren't for the fairer sex.

    So who's the boss?

  5. Words bind and words hurt

    At times words build bridges and at times bombs

  6. cheer up bhanu...thats what we need to do to keep fighting the bad things that sometimes stand in our way :) and ohh thanks a million for the birthday wishes for G, it means a lot to both of us

  7. Thanks all you for the kind words... It means a lot to me seeing all your comments. Sulagna Di.. I have approved your comment, but still I cant see them in the page. A big warm thank you...