Friday, May 21, 2010

Grass is green on other side of the fence

Yesterday I was reminded again of the proverb, that the grass on the other side will be always green. Though I know this proverb right from my school days, why am I forgetting this now and then and start cribbing about life. I know very well that money is not everything in life and I know clearly that only hard work can get me success. But still then, my mind goes wavering and start jealous about things which I cant achieve at this point of time and can never do it for years to come. The reason could be the economic situation I was and the restrictions as a middle-class person should have been nearly 7 years ago. There could be lots of reasons for it, but the truth is my hard work was not enough for the feat. Many around me think that I have succeeded well in life and have reached a few feats unachievable by others. Me and my mom together dreamt myself to be a physician rather than being a software engineer who I am today. The sight of the clean hands and the white coat and the steth amazed me a little more than the guys who earned more in less time by doing very intelligent work with the computer. If I had thought and foreseen that I would write a blog on my career shift and crib about the other side, I would have studied a bit more for my medical entrance. :) But with the 2003 cricket world cup around, does anybody think that I could have scored more than 97%. Today, I have loop holes to escape questions from everyone, but at the same time, I should be able to satisfy myself too.

I should also be contented with what I get today. I am happy with my life. I am so blessed to get a monthly salary with which I can eat, sleep, drink, do a lot of things which many in life can't do. I am also contented that I got a lovely family and lots of caring friends. I am proud that I am doing the 2nd best job I could have chosen. I can also raise my collars and say that I pursue my hobby of dancing after all this 23 years of life. Even at this moment, I have the full interest to learn any new things to keep me occupied. Then the most important of all things, I have not got bored in life in the past 5 months. To be frank, I don't have enough time to finish off my novels and write a blog post on what all I read and what all I come across. I am also excited about my post graduation getting completed in 6 months for sure{ I passed my 3rd semester officially}.

So since I am happy about all this, I should not crib/cry/remain sleepless thinking that I could have done that/this. I could have been a doctor. I could have been sent to states for my post graduation. All is past. No regrets again. If I do this once again, I am a foolish girl and I dont want to be tagged like that. I want to live in the present believing strongly that the other side of the fence will be always greener than the side where I stand. But I dont like the colour green and I am happy remaining yellow. :)


  1. Take life the way it comes!!

  2. Like that accompanying cartoon.
    They always bring a smile on the face.
    People who love to dance are generally happy (my observation)
    And yes learning is a continuous process.