Monday, April 5, 2010


I have been reading about Shopping recently. Today I thought that I should write my views on this wonderful past time for most of the girls and a few guys in the world. I don't know why there is a gender gap in this regular activity. I mean why does some men hate shopping and why does some women are being criticized so much for it. Like we brush, like we bath, like we eat, we too have to dress up. So shopping is not a sin and women who love to shop should never be looked down. Personally I have felt so many times, that a walk to your favorite store can rise up my mood. Read from web tat a research revealed many women still remembered their first pair of shoes than remembering their first kiss. Why is women so much obsessed with shopping? See u get a new thing - u feel happy. When a new baby is born -- Parents are so much delighted. On getting a new job - the college passed out is on the cloud nine. Similarly be it any new and fresh thing, people tend to forget their worries and be happy and they are entitled to it. The thought of possessing a new fresh thing for yourself is like something you achieved. So I guess its nothing wrong to shop provided u don't rob some one's purse or bankrupt yourself. There is a full stop to any sentence. Similarly for any wishes, there is a limit. The same holds true for shopping also. U plan to buy a pair of shoes and a pair of trousers, but u end up getting 3 pairs in each is not fair. It cannot be justified by anyone and I will not be on that side of the coin. But u get one pair in each after a long search, those moments are really nice. Drawing a line between shopaholic, spendthrift and being sensible is the key point to catch out here. Once you know the demarcation, you can enjoy your life without being criticized by anyone. Also you will not be crying on the day of your credit card statement being dispatched at your door step. So with all this in mind, throw your hands out and shop to the fullest. Have fun.

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  1. All likes shopping....Y some people dislike is their loved ones go to merely ten r twelve shops n atlast they buy a thing without satisfaction........thats it!!!