Monday, April 5, 2010

I will miss my Pen!!!!!

Many will not believe me if I say that I love exams and I adore the feel of writing all things I know in paper. In the last exam of my under graduation, I was writing the full 3 hours and I didn't want to part and bid adieu to my answer sheet. But its time now to give a permanent bye to all those stuff related to exams. Again in life, I will not get a chance to write down my roll number and subject name on the answer sheet. I need not be on time to the examination hall. I will never feel the shake in my heart while receiving the question paper again. The sound of the first bell and the last bell will not make me cross-check the time in my watch. I may not be visualising the silence in the rooms, the minute whispers between the friends, invigilators munching biscuits and drinking tea in the smallest cup, turning the paper some ten times without knowing anything, holding a expressionless face.. All this came to end yesterday. And yeah, I will not be writing any more exams for atleast 3 years from now. I had completed all my written exams for my Masters degree and just a semester of thesis is left pending. I sincerely hope I pass this sothat I need not appear again for it. I know I am making a fuzz of this so much, but the open-book exams made me lose trust on myself. And after my postgraduation, I have no idea of doing further research in the near future.

I shall definitely miss all those tensed times and the continuous reminders from Mom to study. But I also feel a sense of relaxation, a great burden lifted off my shoulders. It is like a mixed feeling as usual for me. I feel both happy and sad. Happy that I need not toil myself. Sad that I have grown up so much today and I have finished my role as a student writing exams. I have never been late to exam hall all these days. And I usually face the exams with a little light-head than others. But the M.S exams were totally bizarre. Those made me get very wild dreams that I missed my exam and I had arrived at the wrong exam hall. I need a break from all those dreams and I direly wish that I dont get any such dreams again.


  1. After reading this i jus remembered ur pouch that u usually bring to school which contains all latest types of pens n pencils.......

  2. If exams get over, the real test of life begins

  3. Exams lam oru kanakalam. Ninaivirukkum varai marakka mudiyathu.. Anyway all the best for the results and congrats for completing the Master degree!

  4. Banu u made me remember of some beautiful moments of my life after reading ur blog.. Nice one