Thursday, April 22, 2010

My trip to Chennai

I have been away from this space for quite a long time. I am getting slightly bored of reading so much articles as well as writing them down. The laziness in me and the time available for squeezing my blogging time to my schedule is also getting little difficult. But as I always do, I want to keep this as a bookmark of all nice and not so nice incidents in life.

After nearly 4 months gap, I made a plan to visit my state. I would rather not say it as home coz I didnot go to my home. My home has become my dad's home and the home over here in Hyderabad has become mine gradually. Such was the distance and the gap has been widened. The reason for the drift might take another huge post, but now its only about my trip to Chennai, the most humid city I have known. The trip was for initially just 2 days coz I didnot want to miss my weekend dance classes. But later I was ready to forego it for the sake of enjoying my land for another 2 days. I say it my land because people over there speak my mother tongue. I dont have any other sentiments towards it. Rather I just detest - totally detest its climate. I am not used to get sweated every minute of the day. I dont have energy to travel long time to reach different places in the city. I am not financially sound to pay the autowallas who really demand so much and we cannot bargain with them. At the same time I cannot travel in the local buses as I just hate the bus crowd.

The four day stay -- 2 nights in an a/c hotel room and 1 night in my uncle's place helped me forget the woes of routine life for a while. The intention of this trip is to watch IPL Match in Chennai. As the IPL matches have been shifted from Andhra{courtesy: Telangana issue}, we had this idea of why not watch in chennai, being ardent supporters of CSK. I had other reasons too like visiting my cousins, uncles, aunts, friends and of course shopping {How come I can think a trip without shopping}.

We had a nice treat given by my uncle on the first day. The reason for the treat is that my cousin has got admission to NUS for his Ph.D and has got a job too after the successful completion of his bachelor's degree. The same day was the IPL match -- the 50th match in IPL season 3 -- CSK Vs DD. We had got a right vantage point to see all the players. Viewing the match under the flood lights was awesome as usual. But to my bad luck, I could not see the team whom I support winning. In spite of that loss, all 10 people of us had a nice time.

The second day, I had been to Panagal Park, TNagar & Pondy Bazaar{These are all the famous shopping spots in Chennai}. I didnot shop much as I went to a bad mood in some silly thing which is not worth mentioning here :). Chk out my mehendi hand picture and tell me how is it? I had this done in Panagal Park road side... I had this chance to see the Elliot's Beach(aka Besant Nagar Beach) on the second day of my stay there. For a change, the beach was clean. Wow, chennai people are changing. I hope the shops and the crowd dont make the beach line dirty any more.

The third day morning after meeting one of my friends, I went to Spencer{one of the earliest opened Malls in India} - a huge shopping mall with all types of shops. Spent nearly half day there and then I was lucky this time - Mom bought me a gold jewellery, after spending nearly 3 hours in the jewellery shop. We all were very tired, rushed to hotel, checked out and took our baggage and then went to my uncle's house to see his new - born kid. The kid was soooo cute. I didnot have heart to bid bye to the baby but the trip is over and I am back to my state and back to my office without much tiredness. :)

Monday, April 5, 2010

I will miss my Pen!!!!!

Many will not believe me if I say that I love exams and I adore the feel of writing all things I know in paper. In the last exam of my under graduation, I was writing the full 3 hours and I didn't want to part and bid adieu to my answer sheet. But its time now to give a permanent bye to all those stuff related to exams. Again in life, I will not get a chance to write down my roll number and subject name on the answer sheet. I need not be on time to the examination hall. I will never feel the shake in my heart while receiving the question paper again. The sound of the first bell and the last bell will not make me cross-check the time in my watch. I may not be visualising the silence in the rooms, the minute whispers between the friends, invigilators munching biscuits and drinking tea in the smallest cup, turning the paper some ten times without knowing anything, holding a expressionless face.. All this came to end yesterday. And yeah, I will not be writing any more exams for atleast 3 years from now. I had completed all my written exams for my Masters degree and just a semester of thesis is left pending. I sincerely hope I pass this sothat I need not appear again for it. I know I am making a fuzz of this so much, but the open-book exams made me lose trust on myself. And after my postgraduation, I have no idea of doing further research in the near future.

I shall definitely miss all those tensed times and the continuous reminders from Mom to study. But I also feel a sense of relaxation, a great burden lifted off my shoulders. It is like a mixed feeling as usual for me. I feel both happy and sad. Happy that I need not toil myself. Sad that I have grown up so much today and I have finished my role as a student writing exams. I have never been late to exam hall all these days. And I usually face the exams with a little light-head than others. But the M.S exams were totally bizarre. Those made me get very wild dreams that I missed my exam and I had arrived at the wrong exam hall. I need a break from all those dreams and I direly wish that I dont get any such dreams again.


I have been reading about Shopping recently. Today I thought that I should write my views on this wonderful past time for most of the girls and a few guys in the world. I don't know why there is a gender gap in this regular activity. I mean why does some men hate shopping and why does some women are being criticized so much for it. Like we brush, like we bath, like we eat, we too have to dress up. So shopping is not a sin and women who love to shop should never be looked down. Personally I have felt so many times, that a walk to your favorite store can rise up my mood. Read from web tat a research revealed many women still remembered their first pair of shoes than remembering their first kiss. Why is women so much obsessed with shopping? See u get a new thing - u feel happy. When a new baby is born -- Parents are so much delighted. On getting a new job - the college passed out is on the cloud nine. Similarly be it any new and fresh thing, people tend to forget their worries and be happy and they are entitled to it. The thought of possessing a new fresh thing for yourself is like something you achieved. So I guess its nothing wrong to shop provided u don't rob some one's purse or bankrupt yourself. There is a full stop to any sentence. Similarly for any wishes, there is a limit. The same holds true for shopping also. U plan to buy a pair of shoes and a pair of trousers, but u end up getting 3 pairs in each is not fair. It cannot be justified by anyone and I will not be on that side of the coin. But u get one pair in each after a long search, those moments are really nice. Drawing a line between shopaholic, spendthrift and being sensible is the key point to catch out here. Once you know the demarcation, you can enjoy your life without being criticized by anyone. Also you will not be crying on the day of your credit card statement being dispatched at your door step. So with all this in mind, throw your hands out and shop to the fullest. Have fun.