Friday, March 5, 2010

You realise you are grown up...........

  • On your birthday seeing the number of candles on ur cake.
  • When someone asks your year of birth though it is considered indecent to ask someone their age especially to women.
  • Sometimes when you will be addressed as Madam with so much respect in places where u might not expect.
  • At times when you are expected to hide your tears since crying often is always accepted as kiddish.
  • When a school kid calls you aunty in local transport or in public places.
  • You dont need someone to accompany you to a movie theatre.
  • Also when you will be left all alone at home with the belief that you can stay and take care of the house and urself with no one around.
  • Occasions where you are capable to cook for the whole family and even your grandma appreciates the taste of food.
  • You no longer belong to the gang of KIDS, TEENAGERS or ADOLESCENTS.
  • When your cousin phone up and discuss with you his future plans/ ask you suggestions based on ur experience.
  • On the road when the traffic policeman ask your licence to check if you are eligible to drive (>18 yrs).
  • You say to your mom confidently that YOU know what/when/how you are doing things, be it any decision you take --- either small / big and she accepts that :).
  • The sense of responsiblity increases for the house hold chores and you never/cannot depend on others for things to happen.


  1. It means that you are ready for next level in your life cycle(from adolescence to adulthood).. ;)

  2. That is so true! :)

    Especially that adults don't cry. Oh well...

  3. also when
    - you start thinking of savings and realize you haven't spent enough yet in life
    - you actually watch insurance ads
    - you are sudden;y expected to be capable of super-multitasking!

    loved the post!

  4. When people of your age get a child

  5. Okay I think that you can be grown up only if you want to be.

  6. I can handle the rest, but hate being called Madam. And have to say...thank goodness grownups can still play with Lego, watch cartoons and go to amusement parks :D

  7. Agree with ramit. totaly soooo true!!!

  8. banu what is ur age..?

  9. If i go with children,ppl ask me,is this ur child,i cant believe it..........lolzzzzzzzz
    Nice Coincidence Post:-)

  10. @Karthik -- Yes of course, I dont have any choice to go back to childhood :) If it is possible, I am very much interested into it.

    @TBG --- Yes, adults are not supposed to cry.. I hate that notion. I would like to find out the first person who said that adults shouldnot cry.

    @Anuradha --- I haven't thought about all that waht u said. Thanks for the added points.

    @Sakshi --- Not necessarily,... Many a times, even if I dont want to be, I am supposed to act as a grown up.

    @Wicked Witch of the West ---- very true... definitely we should be thankful for that.

    @nil -- Thanks for dropping by in midst of ur exams..

    @anonymous1 --- lol .. I am not going to think about it in my wildest dreams

    @anonymous2 - u could have chked out my blogger complete profile instead of dropping a question in the comment.

    @Kamakshi --- Very nice to learn that many of us had such incidents in life.