Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A Ray of Hope

How hard is to fore-go a relationship and make a new one? I am talking here about the so called soulmate, life partner, better half and any other word u find similar to it. Is it as easy as changing your dress or your irritating job? Or is it as hard as facing the demise of a long lasted relationship? Even in death, we forego a relationship. When the heart beat stops in medical terms, u break up all the bonds with that human being. He/She is no more a living one. You know clearly that that person is not going to come back to your life anymore. How hard you try, how much effort the whole world puts together, no never, the life can't come back. The memories of them alone remain with you forever without haunting you.

But its not the same thing when u break a relationship with a loved one. How should it be taken to heart if the person opposite you cannot be touched and or you have no rights/limits to be in his/her premises. Can the situation be handled so easily? Or there books to teach us the way to act in such kind of environments? Do people earlier who had passed such phases have left clear advises for us?. I am sure that such things even if they exist cannot make up for the pain and gloomy feeling left around us.

The aftermath of a lost relation, the truth and love proved wrong yet again by life makes u lose the confidence level on any decision you take in future. A slight doubt or a hesitation and an uncertainity prevails with your decisions. When will you overcome from all this? Life will be no longer the same one as before. But yes it will be different and a new one. Not only the beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, but also your world. The way we try to cope up with the world without our dear ones pulled away from us for eternity, so do we need to try to live even after the deceiving relations also. The ray of hope can never stop shining upon us unless we hide from it.


  1. I really love the last sentence. I would more stress on "Unless we hide from it", which shows that the onus is on you. Life always teaches you many lessons and I feel the big one is how you maintain relations both in terms of time and intimacy. In some cases to maintain a relation you have to put a hell lot of effort, once they grow and get into relation its very difficult to some out losing. Enduring the pain itself is a pain. At the end, I cant loss myself in this. So, I would rather experience the pain and next time get ready to suffer again coz some relations are easy to make and some are hard to break

  2. As always, I loved this post,too.
    I really do agree with Uday, he said exactly what I had in mind!!!