Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Memories to Cherish ---- Part III

Got to get familiarised with the Holi Festival on the first year of my college. The juniors/freshers in our hostel were put up in a separate block so that we dont get ragged by our seniors at night too :) It was pretty new hostel and we had rooms with lockable cupboards. That was one thing our seniors envied upon us those days since the old hostel didn't have them. Coming to the colour festival, the first and the only Holi I celebrated was that on my first year of graduation. Students from many parts of India study together and hence we celebrate almost all festivals with so much enthusisam. Every festival we start playing from 12 midnight. We stay awake till 2 -3 and really disturb others in the hostel. I feel so sorry for those who were disturbed by us in those days. We had access to very few colours but to large amount of water. I remember that since we didnot have any colours, we had used some sketch pens and got some coloured water out of it. How silly of us to do all that stuff? It was definitely a great time. The whole night we were splashing water on each other and dragging people from their rooms and making them wet. But at the end, all the hungama got silenced when our warden came out and gave a growl. By that time, we had almost finished the water in the all the blocks of the hostel. I am sure that we had the least thought of saving water that day.

After that day, I had no chance of playing with colours for 2 reasons. Firstly we Tamilians, never celebrate that festival, Secondly, I am a bit scared of the multi-coloured faces. Whenever I had to travel outside on the day of Holi, I go out with so much caution and fear in my heart. I had heard some awful news of injury and accidents on Holi days where unknown people tease others taking the name of colours. The fairer sex is always the weakest and the most targeted. Festivals are meant to bring people together. Let us vow each other to make them more meaningful and more enjoyable rather than hurting others' feelings.


  1. Sketch pens for color? My GOD! :-o

  2. much fun we had Banu...! Miss college days..;(