Monday, February 1, 2010


Gosh!!! I got my exams in a week. Yes I have to write 4 papers of which 2 are more technical, 1 is just theory and the one is about technical communication. All these 4 become part of my internals for the 3rd semester of my post-graduation. I am trying to understand quickly a few concepts in the 2 techincal papers but in vain. Nothing gets into my mind unless I read it for 3 times minimum. But the exams are just 4 days away and the syllabus is huge. This is the last time I guess I will be studying this much in life. Because my Main exams are open-book, that I can take my books happily inside the exam hall. And the final semester is only project work. And ya, I have no intentions of studying further. So just one last time I am going to wake up till 2 at night and have a duel with my books, think about my course content & syllabus most of the time of the day except during sleep, check out old question papers, take notes in a more orderly fashion as I read, and listen to lectures at office also and all other wierd things for a week.

Will not be posting any new posts until next monday.. Wish me luck for my exams...


  1. Banu!! All the best!! Okay,im sure you'll do well :)

  2. All the best dear:-)

  3. Good Luck to you. These exams are for your future welfare. So please face them bravely. You will do alright.

  4. ohhooo padai akro jaake..ramit k comments k reply dia toh ho gaya kalyan :) :)

    all the best abbe..dont worry ata ll.m sure it will go super,there are so many of us wishing you luck