Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Down with cold :(

The climate in hyderabad is changing slowly. Everyone here has already started fearing the extreme summer laying ahead of us. Before that, as usual the change in weather has made my immune system little weaker again. Last friday I was not even able to utter a single word when I got up from bed. [courtesy: The mango juice I drank the previous night :( ] . I had this strange feeling that I could not even call and tell my boss to avail a day off. But after some kind of home remedies, I went to office. I made myself stronger a bit not to waste my weekend at bed. And yes I didnot waste it. Thanks to my sister who joined me to the MNIK movie. The movie turned OK but not worth writing about it. Not a single dialogue, a single scene, a single song, a single stare/expression impressed me to write a blog post on it. But it just helped me to pass my time.

The cough and cold is continuing this week and the AC at office is aggravating it. I am getting chilled up minute to minute. With mom not at home, I am getting this strange feeling of loneliness grasping me at times. Trying to spend my time a little wisely to get rid of that feeling. Got to go for a luncheon treat today and read the novel of the week 'Only in London'.