Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A decision

How tough is a decision? Does it depend on the situation or it depends on the user who views the situation. A person who is very clear in what he/she wants and what he/she does not want and who knows very well what is good for all and what is bad for him/her can take a decision very easily. Does this statement hold good and take care of all possibilities of decision? I am not fully aware of it. A decision can be as simple as choosing a flavour of an icecream. It can be a very crucial life altering one. Does the decision also depends upon the variety of choices given to the decision maker?? Of course it matters. Show a kid a dozen flavours of ice-creams and ask him to choose exactly one. If the kid's favourite flavour is Butterscotch - it is easy to choose. But imagine if the kid likes vanilla,chocolate and pista as well. What will be chosen? Exactly same situations happen many times in life also. The earlier the better the decision taken is better. If the kid chooses the icecream flavour after 2 hours, there is a chance that the icecream melts to milk. :) Similarly, there is nothing to think for long time and then come to a final end. Take it today and take it now and take it at once. I am not on the side of decisions taken without a second thought. All outcomes of decision can be thought and analysed in a few time. Procrastinating a decision will help u in no way. It can put the matter to silence at that point of time. But when it erupts, who knows it could end up in an earthquake or in a volcano.

And never ever repent for any decision taken in life. There should not be a sentence from you saying that "I could have done that. If I had done that or if I had taken that path, might be it would have been easier". Such lines are never going to make u go to the past. So stop repenting and save time instead. For any decision there are 2 sides --- One that is very easy and the other is very tough and which most of the times tend to be the right one. Are you going to take a decision which is going to be easy or u going to make one which will keep u happy and make u feel comfortable in the long run but yet tough. The right decision may at times doesnot give u happiness. Happiness is nothing but the absence of sadness. It is just a choice and u can be happy if U want to be and even if u take a tough/difficult decision. So come on face the fact and embrace life with open hands and do not hide from the world postponing things and live in virtual reality. Choose the Right decision though it looks tough. No Pain; No Gain.


  1. ok, v'l choose the right decision though it looks tough. No Gain; No pain. :D

  2. Like Frost says,
    "I shall be telling this with a sigh
    Somewhere ages and ages hence:
    Two roads diverged in a wood, and I --
    I took the one less traveled by,
    And that has made all the difference."

  3. thats always true... If something looks easy on the outset, it never gives happiness in the long run. Intelligent people are those who realize this and make the right decision. If you look out for easy options, life will come back with a vengeance and kill you. Its hard to revoke any decision u made, let alone change it. Always remember u are the one who is making the decision and u will be the one who will suffer most (if it goes wrong).

  4. Hi Banupriya,
    Thanks for dropping on my blog.
    Well, a decision is a decision, and everything that you do in life, you have to chose something over the other. Something as simple as the brand of toothpaste that you use.
    Yes, I agree that you should stick to your decision, when once you make it- but then, if you do end up realizing that your decision is wrong, take up the challenge to challenge your own choice, and stand up to do, what your right is.
    But- not as easy as you and I make it sound.

  5. A highly thought provoking blog

  6. That's so true. I particularly liked the analogy with the icecreams. Stick to your decisions is the mantra!

  7. @ Sakshi, When did Banu 'drop' on your blog? Didn't the computer screen break, when she did? :P


  8. @Karthik, we shall hope that right decisions never seem to be tough always.

  9. @Saranya --- Wow Frost's quotes are truly suiting here na. I remember the same poem's last few lines well --- The Woods are lovely deep and dark, But I have promises to keep and Miles to go before I sleep. Thanks dear for the lovely lines

  10. @gvk --- Sometimes decisions are taken based on the effects of others. Taking a wrong decision will sometimes hurt you more than others. And taking a right decision will hurt other more than you getting affected. A wise decision at the right time is the crucial factor.

  11. @Sakshi -- Well put in your own words.. Yes very true what u said at the end. If everything is as easy to write or speak, life would not be this interesting and challenging.

  12. @The Bald guy commenting on me as well as Sakshi in a single line... Now u r becoming a strict English teacher. :)

  13. One other view point of decision taking ---- Sometimes people fear to take decision for the sake of someone they love most, thinking that their act will bring harm to others. Its more on a priority basis. You are the one to decide what act of yours is goign to make YOU happy. If YOUR happiness is the second thing in ur life, then it depends on the degree of happiness bringing to others at the cost of your sacrifice.

    And there are certain situations which turn in such a way that u are bound to procrastinate a decision throughout your life for the welfare of all.

    Thanks to Uday who follow my blog regularly and had a lively healthy talk on it. I owe him for writing the alternate views on Decision making.

  14. Nice one Banupriya
    One should always say what one stands by and stand by what one says...
    That way we would never regret.
    Great post..
    Keep blogging

  15. hey..first time visitor of your blog and very nice post !!
    May refer it on my blog if i happen to write one on the similar lines !!

    keep blogging !!

  16. @Shanshank & Ashish --- thanks for dropping by and for ur comments. Cheers to both of you.