Friday, February 26, 2010

Team Outing

This weekend is going to be a little different from the rest, coz I am off to an office team gathering at a resort near by. The event has been in discussion from the past 2 months and is going to happen tomorrow finally. The team outing is basically to have an interaction with our peers outside the office more socially and get to know each other better. We are totally a team of 50 members out of them we hope nearly around 40 will turn up. Every year we have this kind of interaction during which the company sponsors the minimum possible budget to our team. We do a car pooling to save on transport. Breakfast and Lunch buffets are ordered and a few games are arranged. The main goal of this event is somehow lost due to different perspectives. First and foremost is people never want to meet their office peers on a Weekend. I am very sure that many turn up to the event coz it is made almost a mandatory one. :) Otherwise, who cares to travel up and down 2 hours on a sunny day to go play some really funny games for the purpose of satisfying others in the management. But this is yet another initiative to build more rapport with each other. Lets see how much we gain from it.

And sunday mom will be back in Hyderabad :) and then comes the colour festival. I have booked tickets for a movie too. Will come up with a separate post for Holi & the movie soon. Till then, wish all a Happy & a Safe Holi.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Down with cold :(

The climate in hyderabad is changing slowly. Everyone here has already started fearing the extreme summer laying ahead of us. Before that, as usual the change in weather has made my immune system little weaker again. Last friday I was not even able to utter a single word when I got up from bed. [courtesy: The mango juice I drank the previous night :( ] . I had this strange feeling that I could not even call and tell my boss to avail a day off. But after some kind of home remedies, I went to office. I made myself stronger a bit not to waste my weekend at bed. And yes I didnot waste it. Thanks to my sister who joined me to the MNIK movie. The movie turned OK but not worth writing about it. Not a single dialogue, a single scene, a single song, a single stare/expression impressed me to write a blog post on it. But it just helped me to pass my time.

The cough and cold is continuing this week and the AC at office is aggravating it. I am getting chilled up minute to minute. With mom not at home, I am getting this strange feeling of loneliness grasping me at times. Trying to spend my time a little wisely to get rid of that feeling. Got to go for a luncheon treat today and read the novel of the week 'Only in London'.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Honesty is next to best policy

TBG - The Bald Guy has tagged me for the second time. Earlier I had ignored it since I didnot want to answer the list of questions. This time, I have tried my whole best to be honest about these 10 things about me.

1. I am sad to admit that eyes can shed tears for any silly reason. Be it swallowing a tablet, watching a emotional movie/sympathetic person/ even a sentimental advertisement, a stern grin from my dad, a tear from my mom's eyes, anybody in my family crying etc etc --- the list is endless. If you ask me to cry this moment, I can imagine some sad thing and start pouring my tears. But I have improved a lot these days to keep my tear gland intact.

2. I can easily say 'Its boring'. I do and have done crazy things at times to get rid of boredom and enliven myself. To say a few, once I called Airtel customer care at quarter to 12 and chatted for no complaints from my side, I decorated my face and had gone to bed many times, I shuffle my neat wardrobe and rearrange it when I have nothing to do at home. And many more things can be added to this list :)

3. I am a die-hard fan of Harry Potter movies. Have the energy and patience to watch them over and over again 24 X 7. The fantasy land enthrills me and take to a new world whichI am so fond of inspite of knowing it very well that reality is far far far away from all these magic.

4. I am proud to say that I am beyond expectations in my academic front. I stood first in school continuously right from std III to XII. Plus I scored State-Fifth in my XII standard board exams. And in my undergraduation, I was the Out-Standing student in my department and was awarded a gold medal by Dr.A.P.J.Abdul Kalam. The photo with him is one of my most treasured photos.

5. My earlier ambition in life(during schooling) was to become a doctor. I ended up choosing software engineer as my profession for which I have not repented much till date. I hope I dont do it in future also, coz I say to myself so many times that I cannot waste my future trying to rewrite my past.

6. 8 out of 10 people love rain and would like to drench in rain and feel the nature's love on us. But I dont like to get drench in rain for the fear of nasty cold and other health problems. My doctor says that my immunity power is little less from birth. The proof for that is I had to be taken to hospital every saturday till the age of 5. So I like to stay away from rain. But if I get the chance to be outside my home during rainy seasons, I do this ---- After the rain, I stand under the tree, shake the branches well so that the rain drops fell on me. WOW that is a wonderful feeling I love the most.

7. I am little pessimistic in my way of looking at many actions at the first time though I know well that being optimistic is a good virtue. This is due to the lack of trust on others upon whom the outcome of the actions depend on.

8. Jack of all trades - Master of None. This proverb suits me. I have tried my hands in a variety of facets in life ----- Glass/Tile/Canvas painting, Dancing, Swimming, Veena playing and yeah blogging too. I donot know abc of sports except that I watch Indian cricket a lot.

9. At times, I contradict my own ideals and thoughts to prove myself right especially in a talk-duel with guys. In simple words, I am a little egoistic girl. Hard to forego it.

10. Even after 23 years, I cannot sleep without hugging a doll/pillow. I feel so uncomfortable when I had to sleep in my relative's house or in train without them.

And in turn I am tagging few more:

1. Karthik
2. Saranya
3. Aishwarya

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A decision

How tough is a decision? Does it depend on the situation or it depends on the user who views the situation. A person who is very clear in what he/she wants and what he/she does not want and who knows very well what is good for all and what is bad for him/her can take a decision very easily. Does this statement hold good and take care of all possibilities of decision? I am not fully aware of it. A decision can be as simple as choosing a flavour of an icecream. It can be a very crucial life altering one. Does the decision also depends upon the variety of choices given to the decision maker?? Of course it matters. Show a kid a dozen flavours of ice-creams and ask him to choose exactly one. If the kid's favourite flavour is Butterscotch - it is easy to choose. But imagine if the kid likes vanilla,chocolate and pista as well. What will be chosen? Exactly same situations happen many times in life also. The earlier the better the decision taken is better. If the kid chooses the icecream flavour after 2 hours, there is a chance that the icecream melts to milk. :) Similarly, there is nothing to think for long time and then come to a final end. Take it today and take it now and take it at once. I am not on the side of decisions taken without a second thought. All outcomes of decision can be thought and analysed in a few time. Procrastinating a decision will help u in no way. It can put the matter to silence at that point of time. But when it erupts, who knows it could end up in an earthquake or in a volcano.

And never ever repent for any decision taken in life. There should not be a sentence from you saying that "I could have done that. If I had done that or if I had taken that path, might be it would have been easier". Such lines are never going to make u go to the past. So stop repenting and save time instead. For any decision there are 2 sides --- One that is very easy and the other is very tough and which most of the times tend to be the right one. Are you going to take a decision which is going to be easy or u going to make one which will keep u happy and make u feel comfortable in the long run but yet tough. The right decision may at times doesnot give u happiness. Happiness is nothing but the absence of sadness. It is just a choice and u can be happy if U want to be and even if u take a tough/difficult decision. So come on face the fact and embrace life with open hands and do not hide from the world postponing things and live in virtual reality. Choose the Right decision though it looks tough. No Pain; No Gain.

Monday, February 1, 2010


Gosh!!! I got my exams in a week. Yes I have to write 4 papers of which 2 are more technical, 1 is just theory and the one is about technical communication. All these 4 become part of my internals for the 3rd semester of my post-graduation. I am trying to understand quickly a few concepts in the 2 techincal papers but in vain. Nothing gets into my mind unless I read it for 3 times minimum. But the exams are just 4 days away and the syllabus is huge. This is the last time I guess I will be studying this much in life. Because my Main exams are open-book, that I can take my books happily inside the exam hall. And the final semester is only project work. And ya, I have no intentions of studying further. So just one last time I am going to wake up till 2 at night and have a duel with my books, think about my course content & syllabus most of the time of the day except during sleep, check out old question papers, take notes in a more orderly fashion as I read, and listen to lectures at office also and all other wierd things for a week.

Will not be posting any new posts until next monday.. Wish me luck for my exams...