Thursday, January 21, 2010

Train Journey in India - A bliss

Like me, there would be so many people who have a fascination towards travelling in train. I had started travelling in train from the time I was just 28 days old kid from my grandma's home. As a kid I should be so much excited that day, but till date, the excitement hasn't reduced a bit.

There are so many reasons as to why the train journey is such an entertainment for kids, teenagers, bachelors, adults and elders. Its a pleasant travel for kids where they can roam around a little and get to eat something every one hour. The antaksharis and word games played can make the long and sobre journeys enthusiastic. There are so many stories and real life incidents, where bachelors fall in love with a girl met in train. And the endless discussions done with a stranger about Indian politics, educational system, IT industry, farmers' plight, world economy, globalisation, global warming, natural disasters etc. Needless to say how funny it could be, if an elderly uncle travels alone and gives you lectures on where towards the younger generation of India leading. I am sure that anyone travelled in train would have come across such uncles. You can meet wierd and sometimes fantastic personalities in the train journey. Some get to see long-met relations in the stations as the train crosses their city. Some make friendships in train which will last only till the last station most of the time. Some of us hardly speak a word with the co-travellers in the whole journey. The rattling of engine, the baby crying at the next bogie, uncle snoring above your berth, aunty giving uncomfortable gestures asking to switch off the lights soon, passengers moving here and there, smart yet stout ticket checkers, food sellers and above all, the engine driver who dont sleep even when the whole train is dead silent --- all of them make a pleasant journey which for few can leave a permanent mark in the memory.

There are many other sad sides of train travel. Of course, there is always 2 sides in a coin. But let them not be in my blog. I would like you readers to share any other happy memories which is so blissful in a train journey.


  1. Nice post Banu!! I would like to encounter one incident. It was my first 'day' train journey - people near me were arguing about the 'Ramar bridge' issue and all of a sudden they were asking my view on it. I really didnt know what they were talking about in the first place!!! :-P

  2. @Saranya, thanks dear... Ya it happens so many times like that. Really funny you know when u need to encounter such situations similar to GDs.... Even in a MBA Group Discussion, guys would not have such arguments.

  3. nice one priya :) you know i find train journeys such a wonderful way to view life from a third persons point of life..haina?

  4. Thank you Sulagna. :) Yes its true that train journeys are indeed a way to view our life from a different point. Many a times, I have wondered and recalled so many things happened in my life mainly in train journeys.

  5. First time here.
    train journey is actually a wonderful way to experience India.

    Nice post.

  6. nice post:-)nowadays i am enjoying train journey............