Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Memories to Cherish --- Part 2

Recollecting old memories be it happy or sad will definitely bring a smile on my lips. I guess its true to many of us. I did my schooling from KG to Std XII in the same school. The teachers in that school had so much influence on me and my character. I am proud till date to say that I got educated by many efficient teachers. Among all of them, my english teachers always have a special place in my heart. Many a times, I have heard people saying that students from little towns and those who study in their native tongue have a tough time learning english. I am not into both these categories. Even then I have little difficulties with English till date. I cannot proudly say that I am very well - versed in this. Though I read, write, speak this foreign language fluently I still fumble for words at times.

Today I would like to share some pleasant memories which I had with all my English teachers. This posting could be a little boring for many of you. I ask your pardon for that. Blogging is one way of preserving my memories. Hence with the help of few of my school friends I have got minute details for this post.

Any kid would have grown up singing rhymes. Ms.Clara was my Rhymes cum Eng teacher in my lower and upper kinder garten days. You guys know what I didnot know my Rhymes teacher's name till long time because she was always called as "Rhymes Miss" throughout the school. Such a sweet lady who used to dance and sing with all the kids year after year. A kid with a Jolna bag longer than her height dangling in her shoulders --- can you picturise me like that???

Ms.Shanthi was my 1st Class Eng teacher and Ms. Uma succeeded her in the 2nd class. It seems I was not good at studies till my 2nd class. My close friends would never believe this statement. But it is true. Once Ms.Uma had said that I am very diligent in class and studies. May be her words had affected me so much that I turned to be a student who had never complaints in school later.

Ms.Chandra -- how can I forget this bold and beautiful lady who taught me in my 3rd class. She used to participate in talk shows and inspired a little to talk more freely in public I should say.

It was very difficult to find out who took English for me in my 4th Class. Finally we friends concluded that it was Ms.Jhansi who is notorious rather famous for her pinches she used to give us. I dono if u people had this habit of collecting broken small pencil leads. Me and My school gang hunt for that in our school grounds. We take empty Reynolds Pen and use it as a holder for our pencil leads. One great way of saving the cost of pencils. What a stupidity !!! :)

My 5th Clss Eng teacher is Ms.BegumBanu. She is a gem of a woman in her appearance and she does this strangest act of carrying a coffee flask(red color I remember it clearly) to class every day. I am very sure of these details because there was a girl called Mercy Vimala who mistakenly broke that flask and Ms.Begum hit her black and blue. We were really scared of that lady. :(

I came to know about the difference between the words 'House' and 'Home' for the first time via my 6th Class teacher Ms.Savithri. She kindled us to read Young World and used to recite stories from it many times. I can visualise her in a yellow saree and black blouse. Till then I didnot know that colourslike yellow and black can be matched. (sorry I cannot stop myself in noticing people's costumes)

I studied in a co-ed school all my life. But if you ask me few guy's name in our school, my answer would be only one maximum two. Such a strict and waste rule they had that guys and girls should never talk. I was like a favourite student to many of my teachers. But to my dismay I was only 2nd favourite to Ms.Mullai, my 7th class teacher. A guy named Balaji was her first fav and I used to envy that person at those days. Time have changed so much that now Balaji was one among the guy whom I know well from my school and a good friend too, though we are not in frequent touch.

Lots of controversies in finding my 8th class Eng teacher. So I shall tell instead, about Ms.Sheela of whom I dont have any words to write. I just adore her for her simplicity, for her versatility in the language, for her strictness, for her character, for her wonderful handwriting and for her so many inspiring ideals and thoughts. I just miss you Ms.Sheela.

Now comes Ms.Girija, my 9th Class teacher with whom I just remember one bad incident. Sorry Ms.Girija. You made me cry in the class for one hour. The reason is that I made my mom write my notes instead of me writing it myself. Of course there was a reason behind it. But you just tore the pages and made me write again with tears. :( Poor girl banu. Anyways cheer up now....

The famous Ms.Arasi ---- Gosh I have so much to write about her . I will need a separate post for her alone. Thanks to her, she made me understand grammar in english perfectly. I owe her for that. Her real name was Azhagumani Arasi (it means Beautiful Queen) and she took English in my 10th Class. Memories of Ms.Arasi link between her and my sister mostly. Those are big stories which I dont thnk I will forget in life.

Finally Ms.Ponrani(Gold Queen) my 11th and 12th class teacher. Kudos to her I stood 2nd in English in my whole state in Std 12th. Without her I could not have accomplished that. She was the one who inspired me and encouraged me to write so much and frame sentences clearly when I speak.

It is so true that I have never taken any of my above teachers for granted. I always had a small fear for them coz many of them were very strict when it comes to academics. Ms.Arasi did not talk to me for long time since I scored less once. Ms.Begum had hit me so many times. Ms.Ponrani's words are enough to bring tears to your eyes. But today when I look back, I am grateful to all of them in my life. The word "Thank you" is not enough in the least way. OED should come up with a bigger word to gratitude them. I OWE A LOT to all my English teachers.


  1. Hmmmm, sweet.

    Where's my name huh?


  2. ya ya..where is the mahatma's name bhanu??


  3. I shall not give credit to Ramit for this post... May be the earlier Post I should have mentioned..Sorry I missed.

  4. OMG!!! Banu, thats really a good one!! I guess, this blog will make me to start writing my blog!!!

  5. @Saranya, looking forward to read you blog soon... I am happy that my blog kindled you to think about blogging..

  6. Huh!!!!!At last all names made a beautiful blog......
    I never forget Arasi slapped ur sister:(
    Sheela always used to mention I WILL BREAK UR(YOUR) HEAD....I dont know how many heads were broken by her.....ha haaa:)
    Still i can't believe Girija is an English Teacher:)
    Ponrani's Golden Words-Always u people used to sit n study physics n chemistry by keeping book in ur lap till midnight......But v people go on correcting ur english papers n stories written by u till midnight:)
    Once ponrani beat u n terence for the playing with ring.....and beat me for u n me talking from one end to another end by eyes n actions:)Unforgetable ever................

  7. @Kamakshi --- reading ur words make me laugh out loud and bring tears of so much laughing..Arasi slapping my sister and the huge hungama she created at home, Sheela breaking heads, Ponrani finding us talking from one end to other end -- really beautiful memories...