Monday, January 18, 2010

Arbit posting by bored banu!!!

I get easily bored. Especially on a weekend, when I dont have any agenda for the day. If I look back now what I did the past two days, I have nothing to say except for sleeping. I slept so well (the effect of tablets). It was as if the 2 whole days was in a dream. The sleeping syndrome continues today even at office :(. It turned out to be not so good weekend. My dance tutor was little busy, so I could not enjoy dancing. My sister was out of town, so I didnot have a chance to chat much with her. My Credit Card outstanding was too much, so I didnot dare to go out shopping. My exams are nearing which makes my weekends not so happy, coz I shall be constantly reminded of the big books which need to be read by me :(. And top of it, My mom was not so eager to do anything adventurous,which left me doing nothing other than sleeping.

But then, I visited my library which was unusually crowded. I also had a walk in the Necklace road which was also damn crowded. Alas, why is it every place too full of people and why is it that I detest seeing them? I dont know.. might be I am not comfortable being amidst all of them. Waste answer.. I know but that is the extreme of my boredom. I dont want to even think of answering or analysing myself why I am like this.

One good thing I did was reading a beautiful article on Sunday magazine --- An enigma called happines. I thought of writing a blog on this topic but again my so called enthusiasm is lost somewhere in my dreams and here I give you guys a link to read about it.


  1. I dont know how to give a hyperlink from my post. So please copy and paste the link to follow the article. I shall soon find it out how to make it easier.

  2. When you're posting, look for where it says Link at the top of the editor. It's rather easy. Just click on it, type in the URL in the lower box, type in what you want to be shown on your blog in the upper box, and you're done!

    Go try it!

  3. no problem, will go thru... Bored of reading this blog!!! hope this is not arbit comment by posting bored karthik... :P

  4. @Ramit, Thanks for making it simple. I guess the link appears now.