Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Stress Management

This is not a posting explaining/advicing how to overcome stress in life. But its my experience in a training session I attended on Stress Management. First of all, I am very clear that I am not that totally stressed out to attend this session. I had to complete some mandatory hours of training in my office and this was the one left with vacant seats and suited my timing. I was very sure that I shall doze off in the first half hour of the session, but no there was something else for me in that. The trainer was a lady who captivated the audience with her brilliant speech and tactics. She started the session asking us some simple but thought provoking questions like --

What is the first thing u do once u get up?

Do all of us spend some time atleast half an hour daily only/specially for ourselves?

How many of us do exactly end up in our current profession out of our own interest?

What makes us smile and happy at the end of day?

Have everyone of us identified the priorities in our life?

Are we ready to face the toughest of toughest situations?

How much are we satisfied with what we have got so far on a scale of 1 - 5?

The one best thing was that everyone attended the session was not asked to answer to all these questions. We just need to answer to ourselves which was most important. The trainer pointed out to us the difference between the stress and worry. Life cannot be without worries but it can be made stress-free for sure. Worries should never be built upon. Identifying the stress and accepting the fact that the situation is a PROBLEM needs guts. When the problem is spotted, then there is the choice of solutions. Picking the right choice is another crucial decision. When we are clear of these facts, every day will be crystal clear - either black or white without multiple shades of grey.


  1. wow it seems you had a nice time in training!! anyways for 2 days i was also in training for problem solving ;)

    Good one !!