Friday, December 4, 2009

Mobile Dependency

Joel Engel and Richard Frenkiel --- if I get chance to meet these 2 guys, I shall definitely fall on their feet and thank them profusely for making my life depend so much on this communication channel. Now, Can I imagine a day without my mobile? A big NO without any second thoughts. My day starts chking out the time in my mobile if I get up before my alarm rings. And of course finding out if any missed calls or messages which I had got in my sleep. I hate being disturbed during sleep through messages and calls. In spite of that why dont I switch off my cell phone at night. Because somewhere deep in my heart i dont want to feel isolated from the world. Yes I dont want to be lonely and cell phone has become my companion these days so much that I feel its part of my family.

Thanks to these high end mobiles I listen to my favourite songs for nearly 4 hours in a day without which my day never ends peacefully. And then the never ending calls with my mom and my friends. I love talking and keep on talking. There was never a day in these last two years that I have missed talking in the mobile. Be it my mom, my family, my friends, my colleagues, some wrong calls, my helpers like plumber, electrician, internet providers, airtel, icici customer care and those promotional calls etc etc... I feel I miss one finger when I miss my mobile or when my mobile is out of charge. Many a times it so happened that way. Those days were really night mare to me. But what to do, I am not Ms.Perfect always though I wish to be one. I think many of us feel like so closely attached to cell phone. Cheers to all of those and happy weekend.!!!!


  1. yeah, it has become a sixth finger attached to us..

  2. If you get an internet-enabled phone, I bet you'd type this out on that.

  3. I don't quite agree with you on this. The "tool" just isolates you from yourself, and in return just compensates the huge loss by connecting with the rest of the world.