Monday, December 14, 2009

Memories to Cherish.......Part 1

Learning to dance is one of my long cherished dream. I learnt Bharathanatyam - the classical dance of my state when I was a kid for 3 and half years. I remember the evening classes which I used to attend on mon, wed and fridays. I had 4 uncles who used to take turns in dropping me in the class and picking me up. Somedays I will be lucky to grab a cone-icecream on my way home, when MY DAD comes to pick me up. I used to wear pink color salwar and maroon colour dupatta. My guru was a old man who used to call me as "araikapadi" (the smallest measuring cup), as I was the only one short in my gang of 5 dancers. It brings a broad smile at my face, imagining myself so short in that dance salwar. Gone are the days when me and my dance friends used to hunt for that vaadam(the Indian Almond) fruits in the garden near my dance class. Those moments were really wonderful and will stay in my memory for life long.

But I was so unfortunate that I had to forego dancing after my first stage programme. I didnot feel much till I was 21 that I missed something very important in life. But then I thought why shouldn't I start learning dance again? Inspite of so much fun and mockery made at me, I did not quit searching for some dance institute in this Telugu Country. At first I was ready to learn even Kuchipudi and found a guru. To my dismay, she was constantly busy and couldnot help me out.

Last weekend again due to my boredom, I sought the help of Google Uncle. I was lucky to find a Art Institute where they teach Kathak, Bharatanatyam, Yoga, Western Dance, Vocals etc etc. And there I became again fortunate to start learning this wonderful art. Yes I started my weekend Bharatanatyam classes again :)

I sincerely wish that I should be hale and healthy not to miss a single class from now on. I also wish that my Guru takes me heights. And most importantly, I also wish that I should be financially stable to continue to dance, especialy in this recession time.


  1. "araikapadi" haah.. Even I was being called with the same name... Good to hear that you started going again..! Keep rocking the dance floor .. :) Expecting to see the arangetram soon!

  2. Itz just not the class, the whole process of getting ready, dancing, getting tired and the people whom you meet should make you happy. If it doesn't make you happy, it atleast makes you interesting to others. Either ways, you benefit.