Monday, December 21, 2009

Enchanted ----- wow I thoroughly enjoyed it..

Anyone gets happy reading fairy tales and hearing to all that phrases "once upon a time", "lived happily ever after", "forever and ever", "cruel witch", "beautiful princess", "brave prince" etc etc..And I am among that anyone. When me and my sister started reading books, the first book we hunted for is all fairy tales. At that time, I used to think that fairy tale is just one story written by some author. My sister used to say that it is a very good book and I believe her blindly regarding these books. Because till today I strongly have the notion that if my sis suggests a book, it can never go wrong. It so happened last thursday also when she said that Enchanted is a good movie.

Ya true it is... What a imagination these Walt Disney guys have in them to bring a fairy tale clubbed into the modern life of NewYork. I dont know to narrate a fairy tale, hence the introduction of all characters come like this. There is a beautiful princess(Giselle)in the land of Adalasia. She dreams of her Prince(Edward), whom she meets one day in a forest. Both decide to get married immediately. The Prince's step mother is evil, cruel, selfish and witty queen(Narissa). In order to save her throne, she send the princess to the real world where there is no true Love, so that she can never come back. Hence Giselle lands up in Times Square, New York through a manhole. Knowing this, Edward and Pip(talking squirrel) comes to real world from the fairy land in search of Giselle. Here Giselle meets the cynical divorce lawyer(Robert) who stays with her daughter(Morgan). Nancy is Robert's soon-to-be fiancee, who loves fantasy.

Giselle looked exactly like a Walt Disney's cartoon with charming face, cute eyes and wearing lovely dress everytime. What happens in the rest of the movie is a open-book for any adult who has read so many fairy tales. The climax in which the queen poisons Giselle with a red apple and then the statement "Only a true love kiss can save her" all that are so fantastic(read as fantasy oriented). In those 2 hours, I felt I stepped into a disney world and enjoyed it for some time and came back. There was a scene in which Giselle leaves her shoe back and get a sword to kill the queen in order to save Robert. And that same shoe fits Nancy's legs and Edward take Nancy to Adalasia. Can I imagine such a thing? Absolutely not. Hats off to those creative minds.

I donot know about all, but many of whom I know wish that there is a fantasy land somewhere in which all wishes come true and we live peacefully day after day. Of course such a world should exist and is existing in each of our minds. That thought keep us moving and give us energy to face this tough life with a smiling face daily. Movies like Enchanted brings a day of thorough happiness. Its true that Walt Disney corporation's Value & Principle is to MAKE PEOPLE HAPPY.


  1. hmmm, so its worth watching...!I also stepped into the disney world for 5 mins after while reading this... ;)

  2. You have an interesting name....I mean surname